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Guide to Gemstones in New World

Where to find petrified wood in New World

If you’ve started crafting items in New World, you might have noticed how much stuff there is to do in this game. There are many different arms and armor in the game, but it’s a really intricate process. Part of the crafting system involves cutting gems and using them to enhance gear in various ways. These raw gems are integral to the harvesting, mining, and stonecutting trade skills, so you will need to find plenty of them for those purposes.

If you want a fast way to find any resource, use the New World map that the community has put together. If you want to know without having to fiddle with it, keep reading. If you’re hunting for Motes, we have a guide on that too. There’s also a guide for finding Petrified Wood if you’re having trouble there. If you’re having trouble carrying all this, try expanding your inventory space.

How to find Gemstones in New World

The biggest source of different tiers of Gemstones is in raw ore nodes. You can find Gemstones of varying types from pretty much any ore node that also gives some kind of raw metal. These are scattered across all regions of the map, usually in caves. Like many ores like Iron, Gold and Sringstone, you will need to look in caves in these regions. They can also be found inside fishing node chests and bought from the Trading Post.

Gems are crafted at a Stonecutting table, but you’ll need to acquire the raw materials first. So get out there and get mining.

What do Gemstones in New World do?

There are multiple types of weapon damage and you can use these gemstones to alter the type dealt. You can convert raw damage to Ice or Void, for example. If applied to armor though, a player can actually negate some of that damage type being dealt to them. Other effects will be useful in PvE as you can reduce aggro with some Gemstones in New World.

Depending on the grade of the cut Gemstone, the effect varies. Also, you will need a certain skill to craft and use said tier of Gemstone. These can scale all the way to Epic cut stones at 150 Trade Skills. Here’s the breakdown by trade skill level.

  • Flawed Cut Gemstone – Common (0)
  • Cut Gemstone – Uncommon (50)
  • Cut Brilliant Gemstone – Rare (100)
  • Cut Pristine Gemstone – Epic (150)

Look below of a guide on what each type of Gemstone in New World can do.

Gem Armor Effect Weapon Effect
Amber Nature Ward – Nature damage absorption Arboreal – Percentage of weapon damage converted to Nature
Amethyst Abyssal Ward – Void damage absorption Abyssal – Percentage of weapon damage converted to Void
Aquamarine Ice Ward – Ice damage absorption Frozen – Percentage of weapon damage converted to Ice
Carnelian Calming – Generates less threat Taunting – Generates more threat
Diamond Wilderness Ward – Increased Physical and slightly increased Elemental damage absorption Rally – Increased damage when at full health
Emerald Thrust Ward – Increased Thrust damage absorption Opportunist – Increased damage versus opponents at less than 30-percent health
Jasper Strike Ward – Increased Strike damage absorption Retaliate – Increased damage after receiving three hits
Malachite Spectral Ward – Increased Elemental and slightly increased Physical damage absorption Cruel – Increased damage against opponents with an active crowd control effect on them
Moonstone Slash Ward – Increased Slash damage absorption Exhilarate – Increased damage when you are below 30-percent health
Onyx Physical Ward – Increased Physical damage absorption Brash – Increased damage against targets who are at full health
Opal Elemental Ward – Increased Elemental damage absorption Gambit – Increased damage when your stamina is not full
Ruby Fire Ward – Increased Fire damage absorption Ignited – Percentage of weapon damage converted to Fire
Sapphire Arcane Ward – Increased Arcane damage absorption Empowered – Percentage of weapon damage converted to Arcane.
Topaz Lightning Ward – Increased Lightning damage absorption Electrified – Percentage of weapon damage converted to Lightning.
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