Guide to casual and standard race styles in F1 2020

Guide to casual and standard race styles in F1 2020

The difficulty of handling a complex racecar in F1 games has been a daunting task for newer fans for a while. There has been a real difficulty for new racing game players to jump in head first to such a dedicated sim. Codemasters is aware of this and has made a bunch of changes over the years to make the games more friendly. F1 2020 has tweaked some control schemes to help players adjust as well. But the biggest change is that players can now opt for a much more refined arcade feel with the casual mode. So let’s talk through the casual and standard race styles in F1 2020 play like.

Both modes offer the same basic gameplay experience of zipping around the track, but the method is really varied. The casual and standard race styles in F1 2020 offer their own twists on the basics of actually racing. The casual mode has a much simpler experience with a reduced focus on managing the car, and much more emphasis on racing. Players won’t have to handle engine modes and all that nonsense, and can just focus on driving. The Standard mode is the choice for the purist. If you want to have to deal with all of the minutiae of handling the car during races.

And of course, you can tweak things to your liking in the options.

Codemasters has added the new Casual control scheme to the game. With this option toggled on players will get a much looser feel for the racing, but in a good way. The lines you need to hold on the track are much more forgiving, and the physics of the car are toned down to make things easier to handle. This control method also changes all the ways various options on the cars, like traction control, behave so that the racing is easier to grasp.

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The casual racing style is all about keeping things tight and simple. Players are forced to use the automatic transmission to make shifting much simpler, but that’s just the beginning. There is a reset ability unique to this mode that allows you to jump back onto the track quickly if you run off of your line for example. This is helpful for reinforcing good driving habits for new players. Braking and cornering are also easier with more automatic control of the process being in place.

casual and standard race styles in F1 2020

The standard racing style is much more about having the full range of the experience. Whether you’re a seasoned driver, or just want to jump right in head first, this is the mode for you. The full range of racing options and modifiers is unlocked. You can go right to fully manual shifting, DRS and braking control if you want to. It will take some time to get used to, but it’s definitely the mode to opt for if you want the full F1 2020 experience with all the racing action you can handle.

Guide to casual and standard race styles in F1 2020

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