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The different weapons in the zombie survival game 7 Days to Die are pretty varied. Basic melee weapons will be your bread and butter for the first few days, but you’ll need a bit more punch on the nights. Zombies don’t play around anymore, and you will eventually need tons of guns and ammo to make it through the later days. Once you’re deep into the game at 14 and 21 days, the number of special infected is massive, and you need to have special ammo types to deal with them. This guide will help explain the various types of ammunition in 7 Days to Die, and what they can do.

Basic Ammunition in 7 Days to Die

Here are each of the basic kinds of ammunition you can find and craft in the game. Spawns are often randomized, and long-term survival relies more on gathering and crafting ammunition in 7 Days to Die.

  • 9MM Bullets – used in Pistols and SMG’s, SMG’s used to have its own ammunition but it was removed in previous alphas. 9mm ammo can  be used at medium range at most, as it doesn’t hit out as far as rifle ammo. Very common though, so most of your shots will likely be 9mm.
  • 44′ Magnum Ammunition – Used in 44 Magnums and the Desert Vulture. Has a bit more damage than basic 9mm, but has about the same range, so it’s mostly useful at short range against minimal numbers of zombies.
  • 7.62 Ammunition – Used for Hunting Rifle, AK-47, M60 Machine Gun, and Marksman Rifle. There will also be new rifles in future alphas that use this ammo. A great long-range choice for picking of stronger zombies. Save it for the tougher enemies, don’t waste it on commons in hordes.
  • Blunderbuss Ammunition – Used only for the Blunderbuss. This pellet-based ammo is a relic from past updates, and sees very little use in the modern versions of 7 Days to Die. It’s not a bad gun, but it’s just not strong compared to modern stuff.
  • Shotgun Shells – used in Shotguns, Double Barrel Shotguns, Pump Shotguns, and Drum Shotgun. The shells fire pellets instead of slugs so useful for damaging a few zombies at once. The short range is the biggest problem with shotguns. Use in close quarters to deal with multiple targets, don’t try to hit zeds at range.
  • Robotic Turret Ammunition – used in the Robotic Turret only,

Special Ammunition in 7 Days to Die

The ammo types listed below are the special variants seen for each ammo type in the game. Each kind of ammo has a couple of different variants. Some deal more damage to certain targets, or pierce armor. The goal with these ammo types is to save them for when you need them. Generally, you shouldn’t be too stingy when it comes to an emergency, but try to save your ammo when you can.

9mm Special Ammos

9MM – Armor Piercing Ammunition – A close-range ammo type that works best against armor. Can be used well against the Zombie Solider, and Motorcycle Zombie and possibly Construction Worker Zombie, and the Demolisher. Players will want to grab the Penetrator Perk when they can, and combine it with this, for the best effectiveness.

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9MM – Hollow Point Ammunition – Use this to rip and rend unarmed zombies to bits. Great against animals that are closer to you. If they’re too close to snipe, whip out the 9mm and go to town.

7.62 Special Ammos

7.62 – Armored Piercing Ammunition – Best overall ammo for armored targets in the game. Works with the Penetrator perk to tear apart the likes of the Soldier. Can also be used to blow up the Demonlisher from range.

7.62 – Hollow Point Ammunition – Has an even longer range, but should be used for when you’re facing a horde with a large number of unarmored infected. You will want to have a steady supply of this for later night cycles, as a lot of fast infected will need to be taken out with this from long range.

Shotgun Special Ammos

Shotgun Slugs – Best used against single targets with higher health than average mobs. Zombie dogs and bears can easily be taken out with Slugs. This ammo type doesn’t do so well for armored zombies.

Shotgun Breaching Slugs are designed to take out doors and the like. They are best used on walls and doors, as they deal 1,000 extra damage to these targets. Some players try to use them on the safe doors, but there’s debatable effectiveness there.

44 Magnum Special Ammos

44 Magnum – Armored Piercing Ammunition –  One of the best types to use against the Soldier, Construction, and other armored zombies. Can literally blow them to bits in a few shots.

44 Magnum – Hollow Point Ammunition – Meant to be used on soft targets, won’t penetrate armor, but does extra damage to basic infected and those without armor. Fatboys are a good target for this.

Robotic Turret Special Ammos

Robotic Turret Shell Ammunition –  Close range variant with more damage and a little more stopping power.

Robotic Turret – Armored Piercing Ammunition – Has an even longer range, but should be used for when you’re facing a horde with a large number of armored infected.

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