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Grinding Gear Games releases Fanart Competition highlights

Path of Exile Void Emperor Armor

This past few days have seen the announcement of a fanart competition for Path of Exile fans, offering the community the chance to flex their creative muscles. The competition is ongoing, but GGG just wanted to push out a few highlights to show the players and the wider community just how awesome people can be.

For starters, we got to see plenty of really stylish entries like maps of the game world or ruthless gods like Kitava. Quite a few also feature imagery and characters introduced in Blight League, each done in different styles of course. These beautiful creations of the POE community are quite the sight to behold, and you should take some time out of your day to admire them. In addition to fan art highlights, we also received a pair of new microtransactions! These include some new hideout decorations and other cool things.

And speaking of microtransactions, GGG also teased some new ones that are coming to the cash shop. Also included in this set are a couple of already added sets. There’s the mystical and natural Havenwood set’s lovely leafy design for one thing. But there’s also the Miracle set that offers a new armour set and portal effect for players to drool over.

I hope the developer pushes more of these previews in the future, because this art looks pretty sick.

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