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GRID Autosport announced for Switch

GRID Autosport Due for Switch in 2019

Nintendo has made a habit of getting tons of interesting and iconic games ported to the Switch console in an effort to avoid the lack of engaging titles which has plagued some of their other consoles, and now we’ve got one more to add to the pile of upcoming Nintendo Switch titles.

The latest addition to the portable offerings on the platform comes in the form of GRID Autosport. This Codemasters title originally debuted in 2014 on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 and was later ported to iOS devices. The game featured a massive amount of vehicles and tracks, as is customary for any racing title, complete with the typical Codemasters level of polish and design expertise.

GRID Autosport blended together a mix of realistic simulation racing physics with more approachable arcade controls, making for a fun and engaging racer that even new fans could grab hold of. The game also featured a variety of disciplines, each with their own unique racing styles and gameplay elements. Those disciplines were: Touring Cars, Endurance, Drift, Open-Wheel and Street Races. It’s a pretty good bet that we’ll see this in the Switch version too.

The game will likely be based on the iOS version, with updated graphical prowess, as that version of the game used tilt controls that should translate pretty well to the Switch with some minor alterations. Players will also be able to control the cars with the Joy-Cons as well, if that’s your thing. And it’s also pretty likely that the game will include all the different DLC cars, tracks and modes that were ported to the iOS versions for free as well.

Check out the trailer for this new Switch title down below. GRID Autosport will be available on Nintendo Switch sometime next year.

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