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Great Path of Exile Builds for 3.0 – Fall of Oriath


We’ve compiled a list of some of the better League starters for Path of Exile‘s Harbinger League. But these builds will also work great against the new content added in Fall of Oriath. Be sure to check out out Beginner’s Guide to POE 3.0 as well. Click on the build title to be taken to it’s guide.

Pizza Sticks: Flameblast Totem Inquisitor

These build types are a great common league starter, annihilating enemies and burning them to a cinder. The build also works beautifully with just 4 links, and doesn’t require any custom crafted gear. The only downside is the “spin up” time of casting; if not synchronized properly with certain bosses and situations, the chance of dying raises substantially.

There relatively easy to gear and can make it through basic mapping with ease. Later bosses maps pose a challenge for these builds, as do certain map mods like Reflect Elemental Damage.

Flameblast charges up while you channel it, increasing in damage and AoE the longer you hold it before releasing. Traditional Flameblast builds have struggled with the awkwardness of standing still for such a long period of time. This build does away with that by having totems do it for us, letting us run around at our leisure while our totems blow up the whole screen.

This build could also be achieved with other classes like the Elementalist Witch Ascendancy, but the ES nerf has pushed some players from that class archetype as the basic version of the build relies a lot on ES over Life. It’s still possible to make a Flameblast Elementalist work, it just needs more expensive gear.

ZiggyD Glacial Cascade

Glacial Cascade Mine Saboteur Path of Exile League Starter Build Guide for Harbinger League – cheap, fast, fun and a solid way to earn currency and get established in the new league. The build has decent clear speed and leveling potential. Although to make it viable in endgame you’ll need to spend some currency on some good gear. The build itself is also simple from a mechanical standpoint, making it another great choice for rookies. The smooth ferociousness of watching the torrents of ice unleashed by these mines is oddly satisfying.

The only recommend unique is Tremor Rod, which is pretty common and cheap typically (we’ll see!) but build is fine without it (burst damage is actually higher but slower clear speed and less QoL). This is a very quick and fun build to play.

Path of Building Full Build Import Link:
Passive Tree Only:

Milky’s RF

Milky’s Rage Fire Totems are a staple of many players stable of builds. It’s a strong new player build as it allows strong clear speed and survivability, and can pop bosses. It can even make mincemeat of The Shaper with the right gear. But getting Rage Fire builds viable for endgame won’t break the bank either.

If you are looking for an effective build that can kill any boss in the game, has no trouble with mapmods, clears with a decent speed, can farm the labyrinth pretty safe and all that on a low budget you are in the right guide!

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Zizaran is a very well-known POE streamer, and a great help to new players. His Summon Raging Spirits build is no exception. It cannot be overstated how well new players take to it. The ability to not have to juggle too many mechanics and get a decent balance of clear speed and boss kills for general mapping is a massive boon to new and veteran players alike. Making the build viable for basic mapping is also extremely cheap and survivable.

SRS Necromancer was amazing for testing out the new content and with decoy totem it was pretty hard to die! Hope you guys enjoy the build and all the new content GGG put out for us!

Alkaizer’s Sunder

A powerful build that was originally used for a Race. The easy to grasp dual-wield Sunder Gladiator makes the mechanics very easy to implement even for new players.  General mapping up to T13-ish will be no issue depending on map mods. Melee physical damage, with a high focus on raw damage scales really well with the Gladiatior Ascendancy.

Kiko’s Firenova Mine

While mines are generally clunky to use, the clear speed potential for this build with the right gear setup is fantastic. Usually Mine builds don’t have the best reputation, many people tell you they are too clunky and therefore not fun at all.

By going Saboteur we get some damage and tons of utility which removes the clunkyness and makes Mine Builds feel super smooth.

Fire Nova Mines is the most enjoyable build I’ve played so far. The combination of fast clearspeed, very cheap equipment and the possibility to run every single Map Mod without a problem makes this build the perfect first Character for a new league. You can get rich early on to farm up for your 2nd, more expensive, character.

The build can be adapted to be very HC-viable. I’ve played FNM to level 95 and 92 in HC Leagues.
3.0 even buffs this build, because it’s not getting nerfed at all and we get a bit more survivability
due to the higher healthpools on Items.

Lifting’s Frostbolt Totem

A build focused almost entirely on clear speed. The Frostbolt along with other skill gems and passive setup is rock solid for this build. The focus on a life build over ES as a primary function of sustainability also helps strengthen the build against the recent ES nerf. Lab farming and other general content for this build is OK, the major issue for newer players will be the single-target focus damage is lacking.

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