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Grand Theft Auto Online is getting Casinos

Grand Theft Auto Online is getting Casinos

So you read that headline right, The GTA Online suite of gameplay elements, missions, heists and insane nonsense is about to get even more complex. The online functions built into GTA V are set to expand their offerings with a form of in-game casinos.

It isn’t yet clear exactly how these casinos will work in-game, but it seems fair to assume that they will work like the other businesses do in the game, like car dealing, drug running, and nightclubs. Grand Theft Auto 5‘s Vinewood district already has a functional building that could host this casino, although that area has been dormant in-game for years. The developer has also been tossing in new events, missions and game modes, offering plenty to tide players over until the launch of these new casinos.

Rockstar will have to walk a pretty thin tightrope with these mechanics though, as in-game gambling is a really hot button issue right now with the ongoing battles over loot boxes and microtransactions. And while it’s pretty likely that Rockstar will try to sidestep problems by linking these casinos to a special form of in-game currency that can’t be bought or traded, there’s still potential pitfalls there. EVE Online developer CCP had to wade through this muck for years, before ultimately having to ban in-game gambling entirely.

If Rockstar manages to avoid falling into traps with legislation and gameplay problems, they could seriously revive interest in GTA Online.  One potential iteration is a new series of heist-style missions linked to the casino which reward players with currency that could then be gambled away, with rewards like special cosmetics up for grabs.

Grand Theft Auto Online is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One as part of Grand Theft Auto 5.

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