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Gran Turismo Sport Getting Update in March

Gran Turismo Sport surpassed five million players

Gran Turismo Sport is finally getting some much-needed love in terms of game updates. Today Producer Kazunori Yamauchi took to Twitter to announce a new update coming on March 5. The update includes five new cars being added to the already impressive roster.

The patch so far has confirmed a few new cars, with five being added so far. There are surely more to come, though. So what’s coming? We can see from preview images released online that the McLaren SLR, and what appears to be the new 2020 Toyota GR Supra, are both incoming.

Gran Turismo Sport is currently available exclusively for PS4. As a more simulation-oriented approach to the franchise, the game lacks a lot of content. But now, the developers have been working to address these concerns. Single-player modes are still lacking, but at least the groundwork is being laid for more cars and other content. A previous update followed this same style, adding 8 new cards and a new Tokyo Expressway Short Route track. Later updates will likely do the same.

While at the moment we don’t know for sure all the elements that will come with the update, there’s likely more to come in the future for this game. Some fans are expecting more GT League events to come as well, but that has yet to be confirmed. Developer Polyphony Digital has been slowly expanding the game, and will likely be adding new ways for players to expand their digital garage over the next few months. At the very least, it will give racing game fans something to do while they wait on the next mainline game in the GT franchise.

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