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GOG introduces new web installers for all GOG games


GOG is making it easier to install and update the DRM-free games on the platform. Gone are the days of downloading endless numbers of .EXE files to install or update games. GOG now has tiny web installers (~1 MB) for all of the games on their service.

These new web installers will download both game files and any needed Galaxy updates when you run them, so it’s all about making the lives of gamers easier.

GOG introduced their equivalent to Steam with GOG Galaxy a while back, and it’s made managing your DRM-free games much easier. Now the company is adding functionality to their website to expedite installing new games. Gamers still need GOG Galaxy installed to run these new web installers, but the process is made slightly easier overall with this change.

Here’s the full text of the update announcement:

We’re happy to announce we’ve just started rolling out new web installers for all GOG games. What is it, you ask? Web installer is a small file (around 1MB) that makes it easy and fast to download and install your GOG games. After downloading and launching the web installer, it triggers the process of installing or updating (if needed) GOG Galaxy on your computer, and afterwards it automatically launches the installation of the game on your machine. This way we’re minimizing your engagement in the whole installation process, and you can focus on enjoying playing the game!

Introduction of web installers means a few additional changes. First, from now on the main game view in your “Library”, you will see two options to install your game – with GOG Galaxy via new web installer, and the „classic installers” without GOG Galaxy, which are now called “offline backup game installers”. So if you don’t want to use our optional client, you don’t have to look for the classic installers through „More” option, just download the installer files from the second section.

Second change means, we’re removing entirely the previous GOG Galaxy game installers. So if you want to take full advantage of all GOG Galaxy features in your games, just use the new web installers.

Hope you like the feature, and it will expand your experience of using the way you want.

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