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GOG Galaxy 2.0 is in open beta now

GOG Galaxy 2.0 Announced

Anyone who has been immersed in PC gaming for long enough knows the frustration of having to manage multiple launchers. The blight of having 4 different launchers because publishers have increasingly pushed for more and more segmenting of the market via exclusivity. Now, one company is putting serious effort in breaking that stifling restriction. CD Projekt Red has just launched GOG Galaxy 2.0 into open beta, bringing PC gamers the chance to bring all of their launchers into one place.

GOG Galaxy, as the newly released trailer for the platform shows, is offering a combination of different features. There’s the DRM-free element that GOG is known for, but this new launcher is so much more. Say hello to GOG Galaxy 2.0. With this platform, gamers will be able to bring all their games, friends, and achievements from different clients and platforms into one place. This new platform has been slowly rolling out through invite-only access, but everyone can now download the platform in its open beta.

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A new search engine was added, offering more reach for gamers and developers. To go with that, the platform now allows gamers to combine all of their launchers into one piece of software. So whether it’s Steam, GOG, Epic or something else, CD Projekt wants you to be able to combine them all into one system. As of now, support has been added for Steam, Epic,, UPlay, and Origin.

Obviously with it still being in beta, GOG Galaxy has a way to go toward being feature complete. The platform will likely have some bugs to iron out, but it should be pretty stable overall. Let’s just hope this whole thing with trying to push the gaming market together actually works out.

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