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God of War will not have DLC, but there may be something new coming

God of War New Game Plus Mode

With the amazing action title that was 2018’s PS4 exclusive God of War, fans and newly introduced gamers alike fell in love with Dad and The Boy as they hacked, slashed and shot their way across the Norse realms, creating memories and memes aplenty along the way to discovering a forgotten past. Seriously, if you haven’t played this game, there’s no better time than now, and it’s a wonderful game by any measure. Great combat and an engaging story make it well worth the price.

And in the year since release, millions of gamers have agreed with that assessment, so much so that Sony is kicking off a celebration of the franchise on the anniversary of the newest title’s launch.

The company even pushed out a wonderfully cheeky thank you video to fans for making the game the commercial success that it was. After all, God of War managed to snag a ton of awards and had Sony and the team behind the game overjoyed with thanks for the love the fans showed the franchise. The game was a new form for Kratos, and an entirely new direction for the iconic action series, which totally worked out.

And in addition to this nice little trailer, Sony is also dropping some goodies for fans that want them.

Gamers who own a PS4 can claim both a free theme for their console, with a set of Avatar items to deck your digital self out with. The theme is out now, with the Avatar rewards to follow on April 17th. Head over to the Playstation Store right now to claim these goodies.

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Studio director Cory Barlog isn’t done hyping up the incredible game though. It has also been revealed that the entire franchise has been given some deep discounts on the Playstation Store. The newest game is chopped down to $23.99. God of War III Remastered is $19.99, and over on PS3, Ascension is only $9.99. Even God of War Collection and God of War Origins Collection are $5.99 and $3.99 respectively. Pretty cool.

Barlog also teased that there are other things in the works to celebrate this great game, just no DLC coming, sorry for anyone that wanted to see that. You will have to wait for the inevitable sequel to take on Thor and the remains of Norse mythology.

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