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GGG teases concept art for Path of Exile 2

Path of Exile 2

The 3D art of Path of Exile is one of the major selling points for some players. Having the look of your character change as you play and pick up new gear is great. Developer Grinding Gear Games also makes extensive use of this feature to sell MTX effects. Both skill effects and gear can be given completely unique looks via the POE cash shop. Over time GGG has introduced a ton of new 3D art for various gear in the game, and that trend will continue in Path of Exile 4.0 aka Path of Exile 2.

Path of Exile 4.0 was announced via the massively hyped ExileCon, the first ever fan convention for the ARPG. The Path of Exile 4.0 patch will completely change the game to such an extreme degree that it’s being colloquially called Path of Exile 2. It’s still a major expansion, but will completely change the game. It will be some time though until Path of Exile 4.0 debuts, so we have a few expansions to roll through first.

One of the changes aside from a completely new campaign and gear system is that the developer will introduce new 3D art for many items in the ARPG. These will encompass both normal items, as well as Uniques.

And it’s not just the base item types getting a new look either. Various iconic Unique items are being given a visual overhaul in Path of Exile 2. GGG hasn’t released the full list of what items will be impacted by this change, but the concept art reveals a few areas. The Cloak of Flame and Briskwrap, two very common low-level Uniques in POE, will have new art in the sequel.

Check out some of the newly released concept art down below.

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