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Grinding Gear Games adding Mapping changes in Path of Exile 3.4

Path of Exile Delve League

With the introduction of Delve League, Path of Exile is getting a bunch of new changes.

The biggest changes involve Zana and the Atlas of Worlds. For those that don’t know, Zana was a new Master added to POE in earlier patches that served as the introduction the both the Personal Map Device and the Shaper and Elder questlines.

Shaper’s Strongholds

These new map modifiers that exist on the Atlas are a more powerful version of Shaper Influence, one which Elder cannot overtake. This means that only the player can clear these blocks from the Atlas by completing the map that has this modifier. Be warned though, these maps will contain extremely powerful mobs and bosses, but the rewards are well worth it.

In addition to whatever drops occur in the maps, players can earn things like Chisels, Sextants, Unique Items (including ones that would normally be restricted to leagues) and various Shaper Rare items.

There are four of these initially on yellow maps. Upon completion, each one will appear on red maps. Upon completing these, they will have a chance to randomly spawn when Shaper Influence is created. It’s a percentage chance whenever a Shaper influence spawns (to defend against the Elder) that it’ll be a Shaper’s Stronghold. Its tier can’t be guaranteed but you can restrict it by controlling the position and level of your Elder influence.

It will be interesting to see what kind of theorycrafting shifts happen in terms of Atlas control after this patch. Elder blobs might be easier to control and sustain now. If you don’t understand what I just said, I recommend checking out our POE Guides. This will mean that high item level Shaper bases and other items can be farmed much easier.

Zana Changes

Master Zana is also getting a slight adjustment with an expanded pool of rewards which include Maps. Her Quests are also being made mode clear. This means that Zana will direct the player toward specific maps to track down Shaper and Elder in order to continue her own questlines. These kinds of minor QoL changes are pretty cool.

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Check over for the announcement on the Shaper’s Stronghold, and the new Zana options.

But that’s not all!

GGG has also confirmed that new themed unique map will be introduced in patch 3.4 to Path of Exile. Doryani’s Machinarium takes queues from the Incursion League mechanics and blends them with existing mechanics to create a fully customizable boss. Players start by escorting a pillar to an endpoint, and they then have the option to select different modifiers to the map boss.

The choices you make on your runs with the pillar will affect things like boss life and damage types, as well as drops. And don’t slack off either, because both the escort and the final boss will be pretty tough. Check out the preview teaser down below for more info.

For more Delve League news, check out the instant casting changes to certain skills. Or you can read through the GGG FAQ for specifics on how the League mechanics will work in the new endless dungeon. If you don’t know what Delve League is, you should check this out. If you’d like more help with playing Path of Exile you can take a peek at our beginner’s guide. There’s also a guide to end-game mapping.

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