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How to get Memories for Resistance Weapons in Final Fantasy XIV

How to get Memories for Resistance Weapons in Final Fantasy XIV

The Shadowbringers relic weapons are a huge part of the endgame progression for the expansion. You want to gather these items as they represent a major power boost for each class. This new content also revolves around unlocking the Bozjan Southern Front, which is the core new area for the expansion. But the base form of these weapons is not your real goal. You want to farm for and obtain the Augmented forms to get more powerful. Here’s what to do about that.

How to get Memories for Resistance Weapons in Final Fantasy XIV

This is not going to be easy. You will need to do a lot of grinding in high-level content to unlock the new Relic weapons. There’s a series of repeatable quests you need to complete to get them done and upgraded. Before you do any of that, you must complete the “Shadowbringers” main scenario quest. There are then a series of side quests to complete. The quests you need to do to begin gathering Memories for Resistance Weapons are:

  1. The City of Lost Angels
  2.  “Hail to the Queen
  3. Path to the Past
  4. The Bozja Incident
  5. Fire in the Forge

Use the linked guides above to power through each quest and then come back here. For each weapon you want to forge, you need to complete “Resistance is (Not) Futile”. This will involve turning in four Thavnairian Scalepowders to Zlatan. You can get this from Tomestone NPC vendors.

During the Hail to the Queen quest, you will be required to gather four memories. You need Tortured, Sorrowful, Harrowing, and Bitter memories for Resistance Weapons during this quest. You will need to gather a bunch more of these, so be prepared. You will eventually get tasked with a few more side quests, namely “A Sober Proposal” and “Where Eagles Nest.” These will lead you to Ziagan in Gangos who will give you the repeatable quest “For Want of a Memory.”

This is how you’re going to get your Augmented Resistance weapon. From there, you need to turn in 20 Tortured Memories of the Dying, 20 Sorrowful Memories of the Dying, and 20 Harrowing Memories of the Dying. There are many other quests you will need to gather memories for as well. For example, you will need Bitter memories for “The Will to Resist” quest from Zlatan in Gangos.

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For the quest “The Resistance Remembers,” you need 18 haunting memories and 18 vexatious memories. There are of course many other quests that need different memory types. The final quest to finish this off is  “A New Path of Resistance,” which requires 15 Timeworn Artifacts. You can find these within the Palace of the Dead or Delubrum Reginae.

Where to get Memories for Resistance Weapons

Whenever you get a quest that needs memories for these Relic Weapons, use the list below to know where to look. You can obtain all 60 memories as random drops from Skirmishes and Critical Engagements in The Bozjan Southern Front. But if you don’t like Bozjan, there are other methods. Here are the FATEs you can use to farm memories.

  • Tortured Memory of the Dying is a reward for completing FATEs in Coerthas Western Highlands and the Sea of Clouds.
  •  Sorrowful Memory of Dying is a reward from completing FATEs in the Dravanian Forelands and the Churning Mists.
  • Harrowing Memory of the Dying is a reward from completing FATEs in the Dravanian Hinterlands and Azys Ila.
  • Bitter Memories of the Dying are rewards from completing level 60 dungeons and as drops from enemies in Bozja.
  • Haunting Memories of Dying are rewards from level 60 alliance raids at Void Ark, the Weeping City of Mhach, or Dun Scaith.
  • Vexatious Memories of Dying are rewards from level 70 Ivalice raids at the Royal City of Rabanastre, the Ridorana Lighthouse, or the Orbonne Monastery.
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