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Geoff Keighley Is Skipping E3 2020

Geoff Keighley

The ESA and the E3 convention just cannot catch a break. After all of the controversies and high-profile departures from the yearly gaming event, one more major name in the games industry has bailed on the convention in 2020. In an announcement on his personal Twitter, Geoff Keighley has said that he will not be attending the event this year. “I have made the difficult decision to decline to produce E3 Coliseum. For the first time in 25 years, I will not be participating in E3,” he said in the announcement.

“I look forward to supporting the industry in other ways and at other events in the future,” concluded the gaming icon. Geoff Keighley has long been a fixture in the games industry, and his recent efforts at building The Game Awards into a much more respectable show have done great things for the industry.

Losing Keighley as part of the E3 Coliseum event, the yearly supporting promotional event for E3 could damage the prestige the overall event has. The E3 Coliseum event is where various developers come together with E3 staff, influencers and industry names to promote games through interviews and other segments. And Keighley recognizes how important this whole event is for the industry, saying “While I want to support the developers who will showcase their work, I also need to be open and honest with you, the fans, about precisely what to expect from me.”

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After Sony opted to skip the event in 2019, and once again dipped on the event this year, folks began to question how relevant the event was in the modern gaming era. Microsoft has confirmed that they would be staying with the event though.

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