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Genshin Impact grosses $245 million, second biggest mobile launch

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SensorTower has put out a report that’s kind of stunning. The Chinese free-to-play gacha hit, Genshin Impact, has come out in the top 3 of mobile launches as it grosses an obscene amount of money. Developer MiHoYo has grossed more than $245 million since launch on the back of its waifu-heavy RPG. US-based gamers are seemingly enamored with this thing.

The market intelligence firm reports that those earnings are just from the first month of the game being out. That’s insane when you really think about it. Genshin Impact was only beaten by Pokémon Go, which pulled in an astonishing $263 million in its first month.

“As a testament to its global appeal, we can see by utilizing Sensor Tower Game Taxonomy data that Genshin Impact is the biggest mobile RPG launch in the United States to date, picking up $245 million during its first 30 days in the market,” says SensorTower.

Sure, the gameplay is fun and the game world is surprisingly huge, but the dark specter of gacha hangs over the whole thing. The negative impact of gambling in video games cannot be ignored here. The game will likely go on to become an even bigger giant thanks to the popularity of streaming and its launch in international markets.

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