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Gears 5 has gone gold according to the developer

Gears of War 5

According to a post on the Xbox Wire, the development process has wrapped up on Gears of War 5, and the title has gone gold.

“From all of us at The Coalition, we couldn’t be more excited to share Gears 5 with the world. I want thank the team here who has worked so hard for our fans, and we all hope you are all as excited as we are to play Gears 5,” said Rod Fergusson, Studio Head at The Coalition. “This is furthest we have ever taken the franchise, living our studio mantra of ‘if you want to go far go together’.”

For those that aren’t aware, “going gold” is an industry term for when a piece of media has completed development or production to the point that the final product is ready to be released. And whether it’s a game, film or something else, the actual discs or other media still need to be created. Years ago this meant pressing the discs from a gold master disc, but now technology has advanced into a much more complex and error-free process which doesn’t use a master in this way. Although the term stuck around for some reason.

With Gears of War 5, players will follow Kait Diaz as she explores her connection to the subterranean Locust, all while attempting to figure just what the heck is going on.

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And with all of the other features and new content wrapped into the shooter, there’s going to be plenty to do when it does drop, even if you’re not in it for the story. There’s the new Escape mode aspect to multiplayer, which challenges players as a group of Hivebusters. These special assault teams have one job, blowing up a Locust nest and getting out alive. The multiple phases of this mutated horde mode will offer plenty of tense action, which we saw a bit more of in another trailer for the game mode. You should go check that out.

Gears 5 is due on September 10 on Xbox One and PC.

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