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G.Skill Pushes New DDR4 Memory Kits For AMD Threadripper & Intel Core-X HEDT Platforms

G.Skill 256GB DDR4

The launch today of both AMD and Intel’s new CPU SKUs has caused a wave of reviews and response to the AMD Ryzen Threadripper & Intel Core-X HEDT CPUs. These two new entrants in high-end computing are about to battle for dominance, and it looks like AMD could be clawing ahead. The product launch of the new Threadrippers already gives AMD the leg up, and if they remain on-pace for the next Zen launch, they could become dominant in some sectors over Intel. AMD however falters given the lack of compatibility between TR4 and sTRX4 motherboards, giving AMD some breathing room.

Intel dropped its X299  refresh with the 10th generation Cascade-LakeX CPUs, leading to a lot of people and tech reviewers to be frustrated with the sneaky product launch. The price and performance gulf between these new Intel SKUs and AMDs new 3rd generation Threadrippers is pretty substantial. AMD released the 3rd gen Threadrippers, including the 39060x with 24 cores and 48 threads, and the beastly 3970x with 32 cores and 64 threads, and at a cheaper price point. This is even after Intel lowered prices on their producte refresh. Intel has also been further hampered by a new round of CPU vulnerabilities, that Intel had to build new defenses into their CPUs for. This mitigation has led reviewers suggest it could be the cause of lost performance in some areas.

But not to be left behind on a pretty big launch day, memory firm G.Skill also has some new announcements. G.Skill is now offering a whole range of quad-channel memory kits to select from which offer great capacity and speed for the latest CPUs. These new entries in the Trident Z lineup should pair well with any new build. The charge is led by a new G.Skill 256GB DDR4 kit.

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G.Skill Trident-Z DDR4

There are two variants of the new G.Skill 256GB DDR4 RAM kits actually come in a few variants, one with higher capacity, one with ultra-low latency as a focus. Each one offers exceptional performance though, so pick the one that’s best for your workloads. And given that these will be paired with HEDT processors for many users, the higher capacity option could be preferable.

The high capacity variants include DDR4-3600 (CL16-19-19-39) and DDR4-4000 (CL18-22-22-42) configured 256 GB memory kits. Each kit comes with 8 DIMMs, with a total 32 GB capacity per DIMM for a total of 256 GB.

Contrast that with the high-speed and ultra-low-latency kit which comes in DDR4-4000 (CL15-16-16-36) configuration. This kit features 64 GB capacity (8GB x 8 DIMMs).

G.Skill has released internal validation for this new RAM SKU on Intel Core i9-9920X and i9-9820X processors with the MSI Creator X299 and ASUS PRIME X299-DELUXE II motherboards, respectively. And given that the new 10th gen Intel CPUs are still the same architecture, there should be acceptable cross-compatibility between the two.

Source: G.Skill Press Release

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