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Freedom Fighters Remaster spotted via ratings listing

Freedom Fighters Remaster spotted via ratings listing

A listing has appeared on the PEGI website suggesting that a Freedom Fighters Remaster is coming very soon. The 2003 alternate-history shooter satirized and at times embraced some very strong American exceptionalism, and was very much beloved for both the camp factor and its excellent gameplay. The game also sported a pretty engaging soundtrack. The structure of the game was built around fighting off a Soviet invasion of NYC as a plucky plumber trying to rescue his brother. You can probably guess where the story went from there.

There have been no rumors of a remaster until now, so it’s kind of weird seeing it pop up like this. The listing was spotted and posted to Resetera by user dex3108 where the user noted that a listing for the game on PC with a date of today had appeared on the website of the Pan European Game Information. Whether this is a simple mistake or a leak of an actual remaster of the third-person shooter is not known.

Freedom Fighters remaster rumours

The listing just lists a publisher and release date, with a release date of today no less. The PEGI site lists IO Interactive as the publisher on the remaster. IO has yet to comment on the rumor. And if that seems weird, it’s because they had nothing to do with Freedom Fighters originally. The original release of the game on PS2, GameCube and PC was handled by EA Swiss Sarl at the time. That was 17 years ago, so assuming this is true, a lot has changed in that time.

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IO Interactive did sneak a teaser out when they tweeted out a short tweet celebrating 22 years as a company. THe image, seen below in the tweet in question, contains character art from Freedom Fighters.

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