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Forza Motorsport 8 will revamp driving model and more

Forza Motorsport 8

The Forza series has long been governed by the developer’s need to innovate. Forza Horizon 4 follows this trend by constantly pumping new modes and dozens of new cars for racing fans to fool around with. For example, a new battle royale mode, The Eliminator, added yesterday. But snazzy new rides isn’t enough for these fans. The most hardcore gearhead want something more. And so the development team is dreaming up new ways to impress gamers by innovating on core ideas within the racing game experience with Forza Motorsport 8. Yes, there really are going to be eight of this game so far.

The studio’s  creative director Chris Esaki was on hand to take fans through some of these changes. You can find the full video below, but the recap looks something like this. The team behind the newly revealed sequel is planning a ton of new and improved features. THe simulation aspect of the driving itself is getting significant attention. And there will of course be new cars, with manufacturer Toyota coming back in a big way.

Find the full steam below.

“We have a new way that heat interacts with the tire pressure, and we actually have dynamic track temperatures affecting this all,” Esaki said. “We have dynamic rubbering on the track. We have a new atmospheric pressure system that accurately has pressure affecting things like air density, affecting aerodynamics and power, as well as the tire pressure. We have an entire new suspension system with new suspension modelling.”

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The director also teased fans a little bit by saying that they were leaving out “about 15 other things” to discuss in the future. Team at Turn 10 continues to iterate on the new sequel, and it’s coming along nicely according to feedback from internal testing. Turn 10 are hard at work on Forza Motorsport 8, and a lot of fans are really eager to see what else is changing.

As far as when this new game is coming out, no one really knows. More information about Forza Motorsport 8 is due next year, but Turn 10 are pretty wary of committing to anything. They even refused to say whether the game would come to next-gen consoles or not.

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