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Forza Horizon 5 revamps audio with more realistic car engines

Forza Horizon 5

The next-gen is truly here, as both sound and graphics have become much more important in 2021 and beyond for games. And along this path, Forza Horizon 5 is taking the already hyper-realistic racing sim into new territory. Horizon 4’s car engine audio quality was a sore point for many fans, with negative feedback being common. It would seem that Playground listened very closely, and took the feedback to heart. So say hello to much better audio.

Just like its Motorsport counterpart, the Forza Horizon series prides itself on having a huge roster of cars. The digital garages of players will be bursting at the seams when Forza Horizon 5  drops this fall.  And with that comes some retooling of one of the core elements of immersion. In short, the audio of the game is getting some love. The audio engineers behind the game are putting major effort into realizing more realistic car sounds in-game.

Check out the revamped audio in the video preview down below. There are two videos to check out. One shows off the redone car engines. Another is there to show off the overall experience that the increased immersion adds. It would seem this new game is proud as heck of its attention to detail. It’s a very cool sight to behold. All in all, it’s quite the step up from the previous game. There’s a ton more depth there, and the cars feel like they have real power under the hood.

And rest assured gear heads, there’s plenty of variation between cars. And as you tune your ride, you get different sounds out if, very reflective of real life.  A car’s engine is a sign of its “character and personality” says the videos, which is a great way of showing that the development team knows what their target audience is.

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But not just content to show off the final product, the developer also showed of some behind-the-scenes footage of the recording too.

 Forza Horizon 5, coming this November 9th, for PC and consoles across the globe. Get geared up gearheads!

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