Fortnite XP Coin Locations for Chapter 2 Season 5 Week 9

All Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 Week 5 XP Coin Locations – Green, Blue, Purple, Gold

Those trusty XP Coins are back in Fortnite this week, and gamers even have another Gold XP Coin to grab. Remember, you’re going to have to trek all over to find these, so be prepared to put some time in. To cut down on needless searching, the community has already mapped out and detailed the locations where XP Coins will spawn in Chapter 2 Season 5 Week 9. Use this guide to find out where to find the new batch of Week 9 XP Coin locations in Fortnite.

Remember, some of these will be hidden, so you need to keep your ears and eyes open. The Blue XP Coins are found in objects this week. There are four Green Coins, three Blue Coins, two Purple Coins, and a single Gold Coin to collect this week.

Here are the coin values for battle pass XP:

  • Green – 5.000 XP
  • Blue – 6.500 XP
  • Purple – 10.300 XP
  • Gold – 15,000 XP

Check out the image below for the mapped Week 9 XP Coin locations by color.

All XP Coin locations Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Week 9 – Green, Blue, Purple, and Gold

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Week 9 XP Coin Locations

Green Coins

  • Pleasant Park: To the southeast of the buildings in Pleasant Park, check in the trees.
  • Steam Stacks: The second green coin is on top of a cooling tower on the west side of this POI.
  • Zero Point: Right by the Zero Point in the center of the map, check by the ruined taller structure.
  • Retail Row: Head for the trees half way from Retail Row to Catty Corner
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Blue Coins

  • Camp Cod: You can find a Blue Coin on the southeastrn edge of the map near this POI, by the water.
  • Crashed Cargo: To the west of Sweaty Sands, off in the water.
  • Zero Point: Southwest of Zero Point, at a bend in a river

Purple Coins

  • Slurpy Swamp: The first Purple Coin can be found to the southwest of the POI, out in the Swamp.
  • Holly Hedges: Northwest of the POI, at a small homestead.

Gold Coin

  • Holly Hedges: In the factory beside the Durr Burger restaurant, check in the rafters.

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