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Fortnite revenue falls on mobile, stronger on PC and consoles

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Snapshots of revenue by platform for popular battle royale Fortnite are showing a downward trend in popularity for the game, according to reports from data collection and analysis firm Superdata.

These reports point to an overall falling trend of revenue, after a particularly strong 2018 revenue stream. Despite pushing an increase in year-to-year sales, Fortnite saw a 48% drop in revenue last month, compared to December. This isn’t to say that the game is struggling, far from it. Sensor Tower reports that since its release, Fornite on iOS made an average of $1.53 million per day. That’s hundreds of millions of dollars off of just one platform. Although overall Fortnite has fallen off of the top 10 earners for mobile list for January 2019 according to Superdata. Spending was down across all platforms by 6% year-on-year. Console revenue dipped by 3%, while PC saw a larger decline of 29%.

The game does remain at #5 on the PC list for that same month though, revealing a strong playerbase on the platform which continues to pump money into Epic’s coffers daily.

The mobile space shows some very interesting, although not unpredictable trends. According to reports from another firm, Sensor Tower, mobile game Candy Crush remains the king of the roost for mobile revenue. The Candy Crush franchise, according to estimates by Sensor Tower, finished the year off with over $1.5 billion in player spending.

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Sensor Tower also released a report covering another major mobile title, Pokémon GO, bringing more than $800 million for developer Niantic across both the iOS and Android versions. Pokémon GO revenue reach an average of nearly $2.2 million per day during 2018, up from $1.6 million in 2017.

It’s going to be very interesting to see how Epic plays out 2019, with the year just getting started, there’s a lot of games, legal developments and social and economic upheaval which could have a major impact on the games industry, and only time will tell how all of that bears out.

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