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Fortnite Releases New Teaser for Season 8

Fortnite Releases New Teaser for Season 8

Fans are really excited for Season 8 of Fortnite, and Epic is wasting no time with teasing the newest batch of content updates to the popular battle royale title. And as usual, the newest tease a huge well, tease, and is incredibly ambiguous. From Fortnite‘s official Twitter account, it looks like the next season will bring Pirate-themed content; although details are still a little vague.

The biggest change players have noticed so far is a series of earthquakes and their associated fissures opening up all over the map. The massive fissures were spotted all over the main game map, and a number of episodes of earthquakes have been reported in-game near said events. Datamining has revealed that 50 tremors are set to affect the map between now and the start of Season 8.

The pirate theme is interesting, and theres some other teases which might reinforce said idea. Developers hosted a short AMA on Reddit earlier this month to answer questions fans had about the future of Fortnite. One of the big bits of news from this interaction was a confirmation that Epic is currently working on a “new single-occupancy vehicle,” though no more specifics were provided on the vehicle itself.

The developers also confirmed ongoing work on improving in-game sound in a variety of ways like increasing the variability of weapons sounds and effects.

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Not everything involves introducing new vehicles with Season 8 though. When the new batch of updates begins, vehicles like the Stormwing Planes will be Vaulted. Don’t despair though, as Epic could reintroduce the Planes at a later date. The developers did confirm that the Driftboard will remain in the game for now though.

Ahead of the launch of Season 8, the current season has been extended for two weeks to account for the break in content due to Christmas. Also, players can still earn a free Battle Pass for the upcoming season by completing the 13 Overtime Challenges.

Fortnite is out now for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Mac, and mobile devices, and it’s free to jump into the action. Season 8 is due to begin on February 28th, and the update and related content will launch at 6am GMT.

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