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Fortnite on Switch improves performance

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Fortnite on Switch is fun, but can be really difficult at times. The aging, and already underpowered, hardware has a lot of trouble running games. Some more modern and optimized titles run pretty well. That’s now more of the case for Epic’s battle royale a hit. The game has finally gotten a patch that’s designed to make Fortnite on Switch more playable. So here’s what to expect.

Once you patch the game, you should notice a bit less sensitivity to frame drops in more intense scenes. the game has been upgraded a fair bit in resolution as well in both docked and handheld mode. The game’s performance and resolution will be more consistent about both configurations. There will be a 1170×660 resolution in handheld, compared to the standard 1000×560 pre-patch. The game will run at 1560×880 in dock post-patch, compared to 1390×780 previously.

Generally speaking, players will get an image and performance with “a more consistent frame rate, with fewer hitches, resulting in a smoother experience.”

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Epic has posted a  side-by-side comparison that highlights the starkness of the changes. It seems that the increased resolution has led to more clarity at distance, which makes long-range fights more viable on the platforms.

Another change is a welcome one, namely saving space. The patch has recompressed some game files, saving around 140 MB total on existing installs for users. It’s always nice when console games do this.

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