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Fortnite guided missiles expose invisibility exploit, get temporarily removed

Fortnite Season Four

Epic Games has removed a weapon from spawning in Fortnite due to a buggy interaction with a new in-game item. So the company has removed guided missile launchers from the game again. These weapons were introduced to the battle royale game back in March, and have been a constant source of bugs and headaches. Design oversights like linking the turn radius of the projectiles to framerates, and them being way too damaging, led to the weapon being removed once before. And now a glitch with Shadow Stones sees these explosive powerhouses banished once again.

Shadow Stones were recently placed around the game map, allowing players to interact with them to temporarily turn invisible. Shadow Stones are found in the corrupted areas on the map that were created by the cube when it left runes in the ground at the end of Season 5.  But some crafty gamers found out that if you pull out a guided missile launcher and spam the shoot hotkey while interacting with Shadow Stones, the timer on the invisibility would never tick down.

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A Twitter announcement from the company confirmed the removal of the weapon saying “The Guided Missile has been temporarily disabled while we investigate an issue.” Now however long this period lasts depends on if other bugs are uncovered in the patching process.

Fortnite devs also confirmed via a Reddit thread that a bug with rockets always heading in a northern direction when fired should also be patched this cycle.

In other Fortnite news, Season 6 is underway, and new bundles like the Deep Freeze Bundle are heading for storefront and digital shelves.

Fortnite is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and iOS devices. An Android beta is currently taking place. If you want to pick up a new bundle Microsoft has announced a new Xbox One S bundle for this game. And even the Nintendo Switch is getting a custom Fortnite bundle.

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