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Fortnite 2.88 Update Patch Notes

Fortnite 2.88 Update Patch Notes

A new maintenance release for Fortnite has just deployed today. The newest patch was announced on Twitter, bringing a variety of fixes to the Battle Royale game. So let’s look into what the Fortnite 2.88 update entails. There are of course bug fixes, but also some notable new additions.

Labelled update 2.88 on PS4, the new patch also re-enables the HUD Scale options on both console and PC. This should be helpful for gamers with non-standard display setups. If you find your UI breaking out of the border of your monitor, this will help.

For the main Battle Royale mode, the following bugs got fixed: Incorrect XP Coin Punch Card progress, Gas Cans being temporarily disabled in Battle Lab, placing a map marker canceling movement. There are no new map changes, new items or mechanics coming in this patch though, so don’t expect new challenges.

The patch has also added new support for NVIDIA Reflex drivers. This should allow both the game’s servers and the players to better handle latency by accounting for various factors on client machines with better accuracy.

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