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Fortnite 11.31 patch notes released, detail new fixes and changes

Fortnite 11.30 Patch Notes

The newest patch for Fortnite is here. With the surge of popularity the game is currently enjoying, thanks in part to the new Star Wars Rise of Skywalker event, there’s a lot of players eager to take on some new content. Fortnite Update 11.31 adds a handful of new elements with a new game mode. The update introduces the Battle Lab, allowing you to make your own Battle Royale games with their own custom rulesets.  Not only can loot tables be adjusted, making custom weapon and vehicle combinations possible, but Epic wants gamers to unleash their creativity. The mode allows older LTM content to be brought back too, which is cool. The Battle Lab also allows a bunch of environmental elements to be tweaked, like gravity and fall damage.

On the bug fix side of things, there’s a handful coming in Fortnite Update 11.31 fixes a bunch of HUD and UI issues that were causing problems for some players. Some performance improvements are also on the docket for mobile platforms. There is some bad news though. The DirectX 12 beta has been disabled for now, meaning that everyone is going back to DX 11 for the time being. The patch finally builds on the progress made in the recent 11.30 patch by making minor improvements to some newly added content.

You can find the full patch notes below.

Fortnite Battle Royal Update 11.31 Patch Notes: 

  • Introducing Battle Lab:
    • Jump into your own Battle Royale island and set the rules! Select from favorite LTM loot pools, set up combat scenarios with the new Bot Grenades, and create your own mode by setting options like gravity and fall damage.
    • Fill your game with up to 15 friends on your own island, or matchmake with default options in a public Battle Lab.
  • New home for Playground:
    • Looking for Playground? We’ve incorporated Playground under Creative. Play Creative maps with others by queuing for Creative and choosing “Play” instead of “Create.”
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We have temporarily disabled the DirectX 12 beta. Thank you for participating — we’ve gained valuable information. We’re going to make some improvements and re-open the doors in early 2020.

Bug fixes:

  • Continued to make improvements regarding FPS drops and hitching on mobile devices.
  • The Fire/Build button on mobile devices is no longer unavailable when the Glider Redeploy button is shown.
  • Resolved an issue involving players being unable to exit the HUD Layout Tool on mobile devices.
  • Resolved an issue involving being able to see the Edit option on enemy walls.
  • The “Eliminations without aiming down sights” Dive! Challenge is now tracking progress properly.
  • Resolved an issue involving the “Join Party” option through “Joinable Parties” not working on controller.
  • The Item Shop countdown timer no longer appears out of sync for different players.
  • Resolved stability issues.
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