Where to find Dawn Stones in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

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There are a lot of evolution items in the new Switch remakes of classic Pokémon. The Razor Claw can be pretty useful, as can the Up-Grade for Porygon fans. Another one can be used called the Electirizer. volution stones can be found in a few locations in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, as well as randomly in the Grand Underground. The Digging minigame is a pretty random reward structure, so it’s kind of inconsistent.

The quickest way to find this evolution item is to capture a Pokémon with the Pickup ability. You can get a Dawn Stone from either the Icy Cave in the Grand Underground, Route 225, or Mt. Coronet. Start at the Center in Oreburgh City and head north to Route 207. Use the bike to go up the ramp and take a right. This will lead you into Mt. Coronet. Head straight down, and then down again to lead to water. Head across the water to find a Dawn Stone.

Snorunt is one of many Pokémon you can use a Dawn Stone on. This evolution leads to Froslass. You can encounter Snorunt naturally on Route 216, Route 217, and at the Acuity Lakefront. That makes it pretty easy to find.

Because of the randomness, many players prefer to use the set spawns. Here’s how to get the other stones in the game:

  • Fire Stone – The Fire Stone can be found at Feugo Ironworks. Inside the Fuego Ironworks building, you can find a Fire Stone right alongside the far-right wall. You will see a red barrel nearby, turn around and head up the wall to find the Fire Stone.
  • Water Stone – You’ll find a Water Stone on a floating island block accessible with Surf off Route 213. There is a Water stone on Route 230 that you can use Rock Smash to get. The smashable rock is found ontop of the stairs near the big island.
  • Thunder Stone – There are two separate Thunder Stones in the Sinnoh region, the first at Sunyshore City and another on Route 229. You can find the first one behind the lighthouse on the right-hand side of Sunyshore City. The other can be found after beating the Elite Four, north of the Resort Area.
  • Leaf Stone – A Leaf Stone can be found pretty late. To find this, you need Surf. Go to the Fuego Ironworks, then surf over the patch of water at the bottom end of the screen outside.
  • Dusk Stone – A Dusk Stone is found inside the Galactic Warehouse during the ending portion of that story. You can also find one in Victory Road.
  • Oval Stone – An Oval Stone can be found in the tower on Route 209 south of Solaceon Town.
  • Shiny Stone – A Shiny Stone can be found along Route 228 when the storm spawns. Bring a bike to get up to the area where it spawns.
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And that’s just one of many different evolution items in the game. You should now have more knowledge of what you need to finish the Pokédex. You could also collect Shiny monsters as well.

That’s just the beginning of things you can do in the endgame. You could also hop into competitions to prove who has the prettiest team. More hardcore Trainers can even rematch a more powerful Elite Four if they want. That means a lot of farming and leveling in your future. If you want to make management of your teams easier, get that Box Link.

There’s a lot to learn about this game. You might want to learn a bit about Affection bonuses. If you want more encounters, try finding some Honey Trees. There have also been some new additions to character customization that you need to know about.

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