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Final Fantasy XIV Reportedly In Development For PS5


The PS5 is starting to develop into quite the spectacle. The next-generation of Sony game console has been getting a lot of attention this week due to various leaks and other news. Sony and its partners are doing a fantastic job these last few years of building the PlayStation brand, and a huge part of that was the push for excellent games. And among those games, is Final Fantasy XIV.

On the PS4 specifically, one of the more surprising hits was Final Fantasy XIV. The popular MMO was ported to the console after the development of A Realm Reborn essentially saved the game. The initial launch of version 1.0 was racked by criticism, and eventually future patches turned the disaster around and righted the ship.

And the PS4 version has since become a favorite among many players for a variety of reasons, with a ton of praise focused on the UI being designed from the ground up to be well-suited to the console. Future expansions have reduced the complexity of the mechanics to make this beast easier to control as well. There is of course that characteristic polish and depth of storytelling that Final Fantasy fans have come to know and love. And since then, fans have wondered if other platforms will be able to join in on the fun.

Now, according to the details shared by the Final Fantasy UK Fans Twitter account, it looks like this could be a possibility. Recent news has pointed to the PS5 as a front-runner in the next console war. Xbox still has some ground to cover, as Sony has been unrelenting in their promotion of the exponentially more powerful console. The fully backwards compatible console even recently had a price leak. Allegedly the PS5 will only be $499.

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Producer Yoshi P was in London during an Final Fantasy XIV fan convention to announce some news about the game. During the segment, “The Dev’s (sic) are hard at work on FFXIV on PS5,” shared the Twitter account, without adding further information. Some fans still hold out hope for other cross-platform ports, but nothing has been confirmed.  Phil Spencer has hinted at X019 that an Xbox One or Scarlett port could happen though.


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