Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo Basic Questions Answered

How to change attack shortcuts in Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo

The Final Fantasy VII Remake demo is out. Some folks have really been enjoying the new remake, while others may have struggled. The combat changes to the remade RPG, even with the improvements to combat through shortcuts and other elements, there are still some questions that remain.

We’ve collected together some of the more common fan questions surrounding the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo and will answer them below.

Can you change the language in Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo?

Some fans have expressed a desire to tweak the audio, menu, or subtitle languages.  English and Japanese audio support have been a thing for many years in the other games in the franchise. Sadly with the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo it doesn’t appear to be an option to reset the menu or other elements to a new language. Changing the system language on the PlayStation console had no impact either.

While the option is not currently available in the demo, Square Enix has announced that both the demo and the full release will be different.  According to the FAQ section of the Square Enix support site, the full game will include voiceovers and subtitles in several languages including English, Spanish, Japanese, French, and German. The demo only supports the languages your particular version was released in.

Can you rename characters in Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo?

One of the features that gamers have enjoyed over the years of the various Final Fantasy games is the ability to rename the various characters. Even though millions of fans have enjoyed exploring the world with Cloud, Barret, Tifa, and the rest of the party, eventually we all wanted to add a little personal touch. It was possible to rename all of the main party members within the original Final Fantasy VII to whatever you could dream up.

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Though at least within the demo of the new RPG, there does not seem to be any option to allow for players to rename party members. Don’t fret though, as the full game could have this feature once it launches on the PS4 on April 10.

Problem is, the full remake has voice-acting throughout, so the voice scripts will be stuck with the original names of the characters. Square Enix has not said if there will be an option to change that setting, and this likely means that in-game characters could be stuck with default names. So while it might not be possible to rename characters in the Final Fantasy VII Remake, at least we get to see what the best possible version of the game will look and sound like.

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