Final Fantasy 7 Remake guide: How to beat Fat Chocobo

How to beat Fat Chocobo

Of the many summons in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, the Fat Chocobo is the strangest by far. This husky bird has a rather adorable chunky exterior but you shouldn’t let it fool you. This big bird is fast and lethal, and you need to beat it in battle to unlock it. When you first reach Wall Market near the end of the game, you will once again find Chadley within the seedy slums of the district.

Talk to Chadley and he will give you a new batch of quests and other tasks, but for the Fat Chocobo, we’re after the VR missions. The newest summon unlock quest pits you and your party against the Fat Chocobo. Thing is, the bird has a friend. A group of mischievous Moogles will be helping him throughout the fight, summoning adds and casting magic that gets in your way.

Fat Chocobo Attacks

The various attacks used by Fat Chocobo are extremely varied. The addition of the Moogle casting spells and introducing new enemies into the fight constantly make it very hard to counter all of the garbage in the arena. Here are some of the more vicious attacks used by the boss:

  • Boom: The Fat Chocobo will do a basic slam attack with a large AoE.
  • Bombs Away: The big bird throws a big green bomb that detonates in a huge AoE.
  • Fingers crossed, kupo: This is the main attack of the Moogles. Each bomb tossed after this attack will randomly spawn a dark purple version of enemies like a Tonberry or Bomb. However, there is a random chance that this attack will spawn a friendly Carbuncle that will cast Ruby Light on your party, granting a boost to your physical defense like the Barrier spell. There’s also a chance that a Cactuar will appear and run around the battlefield causing damage if it slams into you.
  • Kweh Kweh: The boss will start rolling around and hopping all over the arena. You need to focus on dodging to stay alive. Once it stops moving, hit it with all the magic and physical attacks you can for a stagger.
  • Roly-Poly: A very fast attack where the big bird rolls around the arena in a circle.

Fat Chocobo Tactics

The boss has no easy weaknesses to exploit, this fight is all about careful management of your party and timing your attacks to deal maximum DPS at the right moments. The boss has a surprising amount of mobility during some attacks, so keep an eye out and learn to block or dodge at the right times. You may want to eat a loss on your first time out just to learn the patterns for your serious attempt.

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The boss is somewhat stationary during most of the fight, just focus on filling up Stagger with all your heavy hitting attacks. Save as much juice as you can for Staggers when you can unleash your most withering damage.

The Moogles are actually a huge threat here, in addition to the devastating speed and power of the attacks doled out by Fat Chocobo. The Moogles constantly summon adds as doppelgangers that get in your way. The Bombs can deal incredible damage, so focus them down to avoid getting overwhelmed.

Bringing out Ifrit and Shiva can help a fair bit with damage in this fight. Summons like Ifrit are also good for getting in staggers. Aerith dropping heals consistently will be vital to overcoming the damage of the more chaotic moments when tons of adds are in the fight. When you do stagger an enemy, make sure to jump to Aerith and drop and Arcane Ward on Cloud to buff his spells when you unleash hell on Fat Chocobo.

Bring an upgraded Barrier and Cure Materia for Aerith. Keep her mostly on spellcasting duty when you need to. Having three party members helps make up for the damage, but this fight first becomes available in Wall Market when you only have two members, so it becomes a bit tougher. ATB Boost for Cloud can help build to his stronger attacks quickly too. It might also be helpful to bring in MP Up and Magic Up Materia for Aerith or Cloud, as you’re going to be doing a ton of work with buffs and spells.

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