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FFXIV Duty Support System Guide: Take NPCs Into Dungeons

FFXIV Duty Support System Guide

The FFXIV Duty Support is a newly added NPC system in the MMORPG that allows players to bring NPCs into dungeons. This was a great addition for solo players, as they could run through the early game dugeons without the need to use the Duty Finder and wait for other players. A big part of why Square Enix added this to Final Fantasy XIV is because of power creep. Older dungeons just aren’t that much of a challenge anymore, and that means a lot of players want to just get through them ASAP.

And with the Shadowbringers expansion, the roster of dungeons that you could use NPC support in has been expanded. This is great for new and old players alike, as they can get through MSQ dungeons much more quickly.

How to use the FFXIV Duty Support System

When you’re in a low-level dungeon, you have the option to bring NPCs with you. You just need to know what to do. Keep reading to figure out the basics of the system. And with the expanded free trial for FF 14, there is a lot of time to be saved for new players as well.

Where does the NPC system work?

This system currently works for older 2.0 content between Satasha and The Praetorium. That’s dungeons between levels 15 to 50.

How to use the NPC system

You can toggle this system manually. At a duty’s access point, select the Duty Support option.

FFXIV Duty Support System Guide 1

The Duty Support menu in FFXIV will automatically open when arriving at a dungeon entrance while solo. Whatever method you choose, you will then be greeted with a menu to choose your NPC party members. Chose NPCs that offer balanced party members. Bring a healer and some off-DPS if you’re a tank job. As a DPS job, you will need tanks and healers. Once you’ve picked your party, select Register for Duty.

Certain duties allow you to switch out the NPCs in your party. This is indicated by a message that displays underneath your party members when you’re picking them within the menu.

What are Trust Avatars?

Shadowbringers expands NPCs helpers to something called Trust Avatars. These job NPCs have their own levels, and can be increased in power the more you take them on adventures. These are initially locked to Shadowbringers content, but clearing the 5.0 storyline will unlock them all for the older 2.0 content as well. Here’s a list of all the current 5.0 Trust Avatars:

  • Alphinaud – Academician – Summoner class that uses Moonstone Carbuncle to deal a fair amount of off-DPS damage.
  • Alisaie – Red Mage – damage-focused DPS that uses their break gauge a lot more than usual.
  • Crystal Exarch – All-Rounder – Solid choice for tank and DPS, depending on your choice for their class. Has Black Mage-like abilities to help with DPS.
  • Venat – All-Rounder – One of the best options for any filler roles. Has options for both White Mage abiities and Dancer or Paladin. The role they take will determine where you place them in any given Duty.
  • Emet-Selch – The Third Seat – The Third Seat has two combat sets depending on when Emet-Selch is added to the party, as well as the player’s job. Tank job for this NPC will be similar to Dark Knight. Their DPS role is more like a Black Mage.
  • Lyna – Guard Captain – A unique NPC to the Scenario mode for Holminster Switch. Weaker DPS choice than other options.
  • Estinien – Dragoon – Another great option that acts as Minfillia’s DPS replacement. A level 81 that can be capped out for even better fit to the DPS role. At default, he has the highest defense of all the DPS NPCs.
  • Urianger – Lithomancer – Healer-focused job that works great as a Summoner support as well.
  • Hythlodaeus – Soulseer – This NPC’s role is a perfect healer option when you have it. Its single-target Benediction will fully restore HP to a tank, great help.
  • Thancred – Gunbreaker – Big part of the storyline. He cannot use Gunbreaker Cartridge abilities unless either Y’shtola or Minfillia are on the team. Solid DPS regardless.
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