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Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Update 5.4 – Preliminary Patch Notes

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Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Update 5.4 will be coming soon. The developers behind the MMO have in turn released a few details about the coming patch. We even got a preview of some of the changes coming to the game in the new patch with a preliminary set of patch notes. Called Futures Rewritten, there’s a lot to uncover here.

Gameplay changes and revamps are plenty this patch. Explorer Mode is one of these new elements. This new mode allows you to revisit dungeons in their completed state, and will initially be available for instances that were introduced after patch 5.0 It seems like Square Enix has a plan to expand the offering over time. with an aim to help new players experience older content without feeling too OP or outdated.

Along with this revamp comes a ton of new MSQ and side quests to be played through by all players. The new story follows the impact of the exodus and all the other things that have happened in the world over the years. We’re far past the original Warriors of Light, and the story is moving on. This includes a revamp of reward systems as well. Treasure hunts for new areas like the Shifting Oubliettes of Lyhe Ghiah have been added. Players will also notice that rewards for the dungeons in that area have been adjusted too.

New raids and rewards for raids are also on the board for the patch. Castrum Marinum added as a new trial for starters, and there’s also a new raid for Eden’s Promise as well. All of this and so much more is only the beginning. Here’s a quick recap of some other changes coming as well:


  • Furnishings from the FFXIV Furnishing Design Contest have been added.
  • New furnishings, fish and more have been added
  • There’s even new seed options as well
  • New orchestrion rolls have been put in and the system has been revamped to avoid spoilers


  • Additions and adjustments made to the Trust system
  • Additions and adjustments have been made to Faux Hollows
  • Prizes available in exchange for Khloe’s Gold Certificate of Commendation, Khloe’s Silver Certificate of Commendation, and Khloe’s Bronze Certificate of Commendation have been adjusted.
  • A new challenge log setup is being added
  • The Trust system has been revamped and new elements are being introduced
  • Sounds for certain instruments have been added to increase immersion
  • New Emotes offer more options
  • Triple Triad has been rebalanced

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Update 5.4 – Preliminary Patch Notes Fixes

So the patch notes released so far mostly settle around the bug fix category. With the recent expansion of the free trial, there’s a lot to handle. New players and returning players alike have encountered a trove of bugs, and Square Enix has started to fix the found issues. Check out the full patch notes that have been unveiled so far down below.

And if you would like to see the full patch notes, those are on the main site.

  • An issue wherein graphics did not display properly in A Realm Reborn areas.
  • An issue wherein players were able to enter normally unreachable locations.
  • An issue wherein the fee for teleporting from certain locations was incorrect.
  • An issue when playing as black mage wherein players casting an area of effect spell that was the opposite element of their currently active astral fire (or umbral ice) dealt less damage than intended to their selected target.
  • An issue when playing as summoner wherein players who were incapacitated while summoning Demi Bahamut were able to summon Demi-Phoenix immediately after being revived under certain conditions.
  • An issue when using group pose mode wherein the PvP action Phantom Dart does not display the correct battle animation.
  • An issue wherein sound effects did not play when certain PvP actions were charged and ready to be executed.
  • An issue when undertaking the guildleve “Mite and Madness” wherein players could not access the suspicious mounds, preventing progression.
  • An issue during the FATE “Bump and Grind” wherein enemies spawned outside the boundaries of the FATE, preventing players requiring level sync from attacking them.
  • An issue in the instanced dungeon the Stone Vigil wherein certain items did not drop.
  • An issue during the alliance raid the World of Darkness wherein Cerberus appeared to still be chained even after breaking them.
  • An issue during the raid Alexander – The Burden of the Son (Savage) wherein the battle does not progress to subsequent phases under certain conditions.
  • An issue wherein players who enter the Bozjan southern front while their online status is set to Busy are unable to accept party invitations.
  • An issue when playing as dark knight in the Bozjan southern front wherein players under the effect of Walking Dead are unable to dispel the effect using a Resistance Potion Kit, even when HP is 100% restored.
  • An issue in the Bozjan southern front wherein the magical defense of players using dragoon was higher than intended.
  • An issue in the Bozjan southern front wherein the icon for certain status effects granted by lost actions were incorrect.
    * The design of these icons have been adjusted to address this issue.
  • An issue in the Bozjan southern front wherein certain enemies did not return to their original locations when enmity was reset by the start of a critical engagement.
  • An issue during the duty the Battle of Castrum Lacus Litore wherein the astrologian action Earthly Star could be deployed at unintended locations.
  • An issue during the duty the Battle of Castrum Lacus Litore wherein enemies could be attacked with ranged attacks through closed gateways during the prisoner rescue portion of the duty.
  • An issue during the duty the Battle of Castrum Lacus Litore wherein the Accursed Becoming ability afflicted players with the Pyretic status effect even when holding still.
  • An issue in the instance the Lost Canals of Uznair wherein certain enemies left the bounds of the battle area, causing the duty to immediately fail.
  • An issue wherein players could not recruit others to their party while undertaking a treasure hunt.
  • An issue wherein Daily Challenge: Frontline did not list experience points as a reward in the Duty Finder.
  • An issue when playing the mini-game Faux Hollows wherein the eleventh panel cannot be turned over.
  • An issue wherein free company crests could not be added to the gear Vigil Shirt.
  • An issue wherein replica Resistance weapons for black mage, summoner, red mage, white mage, scholar, and astrologian did not display a magic damage attribute.
  • An issue when extracting materia wherein certain spiritbound items yielded the wrong materia.
  • An issue wherein secondary attributes previously removed from certain gear still appeared in their item help text.
  • An issue wherein the graphics of certain gear did not display properly.
  • An issue wherein the desynthesis of certain gear yielded the wrong item.
  • An issue wherein the Wooden Footbridge furnishing could be placed beyond the boundaries of an estate.
  • An issue wherein tabletop furnishings placed on top of the Verdant Shelf Partition would sink into the partition.
  • An issue wherein the Wooden Footbridge furnishing was miscategorized in the Furnishings list.
  • An issue wherein crafting recipes for Kurenai and Adkiragh custom deliveries were listed in the incorrect order in the Crafting Log.
  • An issue when previewing dyes wherein certain portions of YoRHa Type-53 Cloak of Aiming YoRHa and Type-53 Cloak of Scouting displayed the wrong colors.
  • An issue wherein an error would occur when attempting to accept a teleport offer.
  • An issue wherein the “We’re on Your Side” achievements were miscategorized.
  • An issue wherein certain titles could not be set using the “/title set” text command.
  • An issue wherein items sold by the Scrap Salvager NPC in Idyllshire (X:5.9 Y:7.3) were listed in the incorrect order.
  • An issue when viewing the market board wherein the subcommand “Search Recipes Using This Material” could not be used under certain conditions.
  • An issue when viewing the Orchestrion List window wherein the descriptions for where to find “A Light in the Storm Orchestrion Roll” and “The Scars of Battle Orchestrion Roll” were incorrect.
  • An issue when using Sticker Mode wherein the permissible range for text sticker locations was incorrect.
  • An issue when using Sticker Mode wherein pressing Scroll Lock to toggle the UI off then on again while clicking and dragging a sticker with your mouse would cause the sticker to continue following the cursor.
  • An issue wherein certain crafting actions and status effects were erroneously categorized as battle messages.
  • An issue wherein the items “Season One Writ of Commendation” and “Season One Writ of Beatification” were misnamed.

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