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Far Cry 5 trailer talks about Montana


The newest trailer for Far Cry 5 is out, and the subject this time around is all about how the developers recreated Montana for the game.

The gorgeous landscapes are one of the main focal points here. The variety of biomes and ecosystems on display in Far Cry 5 will be on par with other games if this trailer is any indication.

Then there’s a bit of discussion about the use of ‘Photogrammetry’ in the game. The technique involves taking photographs all around an object, and then using those images to recreate a 3D model for use as an in-game asset. This portion is accompanied by lots of convincing shots of rather nice trees.

A lot of effort and research was undertaken to make the locales and folks in Far Cry 5 “feel like home”. From figuring out how to make fishing, a popular past-time in Montana, fel as engaging as possible. The people you’ll meet also behave very naturally, so if you’re in a rural area with lots of wildlife, the local denizens will behave accordingly when you encounter them.

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Far Cry 5 is coming to PC next year, 27 February 2018. Here’s the trailer.

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