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Far Cry 5 gets new resistance details in gameplay and trailers


Even Though Ubisoft pushed back Far Cry 5 and other games earlier this year, work is still progressing on the open-world title.

Now there’s some new video footage to enjoy today with the release of The Resistance trailer. There’s also a 25 minute bit of gameplay footage which you can watch below. The first video is a trailer highlighting the resistance and below that the game director shows 25 minutes of gameplay where he discusses how The Resistance works in the game.

But there’s something else that we need to talk about when it comes to Far Cry 5.

While some game devs, especially those in the AAA industry, shy away from current events or political tensions; it looks like Far Cry 5 aren’t squeamish about butting right up against religious and political sensibilities this time around. Given the rise of nativist populism in countries around the world, it looks like Far Cry 5 will make more than a few people angry. Especially given the prevalence of similarities to modern white supremacist symbols present in the game.

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I think it’s a valid question to ask whether Ubisoft is using racism and hatred as a marketing tool, but we’ll only get the answer when the full game is released in a few months.

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