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Fall Guys Season 4 introduces Squads for four player queues

Fall Guys Season 4 Has 7 New Maps

Fall Guys Season 4 is here and has some new fun in store for the players that might be getting bored by now. The new season of the hot battle royale has not only added new maps, but has also expanded gameplay options a fair bit. There’s some interesting new implications to the biggest new addition, Squads mode. The new four-player queue not only adds more players, but synergizes these teams.

In Squads Mode, the four-player groups win as a team, but they don’t fail as a team. The reward of a win can be shared by anyone on the team, but the team doesn’t lose together. As Fall Guys lead game designer Joe Walsh told IGN, “The crucial difference between Squads Mode and normal Fall Guys is that being eliminated does not completely eliminate you from the game.”

Under the normal game modes involving teams, entire teams can be eliminated as one. So if one of your teammates goes out, you go with them. Another key difference is based on which mode you’re playing in. Survival and Race rounds will be based on the individual accomplishments of the players within each team.


Fall Guys Season 4 has also added a bunch of other content aside from the Squads mode. The crew has teased a slew of changes for a while now. We finally got a glimpse at the patch notes today, and they’re a laundry list worth looking at.

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There are a total of seven new unique modes added to the rotation: Skyline Stumble, Hoverboard Heroes, Basketball, Short Circuit, Power Trip, Big Shots, and Roll On. Alongside the new gameplay comes a bunch of new daily challenges that can award players who complete them various things. Starting off, bundles of Fame and Crown Shards are being handed out to players who put in the work.

Rounding out the patch today are a bunch of changes to the UI to make info clearer to players. There are also a bunch of bug fixes for various problems. Clashing issues with hoop scoring and other gameplay-affecting problems have been fixed. Other patched bugs include flickering level assets and UI being broken. Check out the full patch notes at the link to see what all has changed.

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