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Fall Guys patch eliminates back-to-back team games

Latest Fall Guys patch eliminates back-to-back team games and more

Devolver Digital and Mediatonic’s shockingly fun hit, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, has had its first patch released. Although the game has had its fair share of problems. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been plagued by server outages and other issues throughout its incredibly popular launch. The players have been complaining about other things like the lack of variety in some matches as well.

The mini-game style of gameplay in the game means that there’s a rotating roster of different games and courses that people play. There was one problem with this setup that players noticed pretty much right away, team games. The latest Fall Guys patch has addressed the issue. Prior to the change there was a chance that the game would sometimes put two team-based games right after each other, and a lot of players hate team games in this chaotic battle royale of cuteness. Team games will no longer take place back-to-back as of this update.

In the name of more balanced competition, Fall Mountain will see a reduced max player count of 15. If the final round has more players, it will likely end up with a battle on Hex-A-Gone, Royal Fumble, or the newer Jump Showdown. The previously PC-only Valve cosmetic items will also make the jump to console. The notes for this Fall Guys patch may be short, but the ramifications will be felt throughout for most players.

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The patch has also added a few other alterations to the pool of mini-games. The timer for both Team Tag Tail and Royal Fumble ts being made a bit shorter, as the game mode will now feature rounds lasting one minute and thirty seconds. This will make the modes a little more frantic, especially if they end up as the final round in a match.

Other adjustments include a change to Fall Mountain that reduced the player cap to 15. This means that this mode will be replaced by Hex-A-Gone, Royal Fumble, or the newer Jump Showdown as a final round from now on. Also, there’s another added treat that doesn’t relate to game mode changes.

The previously PC-exclusive Valve cosmetic items will also be added to the game.

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