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Faker donates 30mil Korean Won to help poor in COVID-19 fight

Faker donates 30mil Korean Won to help poor in COVID-19 fight

The most popular streamer in South Korea, professional gamer Faker, has made a huge contribution to the struggle against the deadly new virus in the country. The streamer and gamer is regarded by many as the best LoL player in the world, and that has given him incredible popularity and wealth within Korea.

The pro League of Legends player has pledged to donate a rather impressive sum of money to the poorest in his nation to help them secure their basic needs amid these trying times. As more and more nations see staggering economic slowdown and unemployment from the novel coronavirus, more and more people have voiced concerns about being able to afford basic necessities like food, housing and utilities. Faker’s donations amount to roughly $25,000 and will be given to charities in South Korea that help low-income families fight the coronavirus outbreak.

“I really wanted to aid those battling the outbreak and felt that donating to the Community Chest of Korea was the optimal choice. I hope that everyone bands together to overcome this terrible situation, and hope to see real support being given to those necessary.” — Faker said.

As of writing global tallies of infected surpass 335,000, with over 14,000 having reportedly died from the disease. The scary part about all of this

And let’s not forget the main lesson that should be taken from South Korea in all of this. According to many sources, there’s a single patient that is indirectly the source of the majority of the infections within the country. Otherwise known as Patient 31, an elderly individual went to a major church service where they passed the virus onto hundreds, who then went to various social events and their families, spawning thousands of new infections. South Korea currently reports 8,897 active cases of COVID-19, with 104 deaths. A big part of why South Korea has not had as many infections as other nations are the comprehensive containment and testing protocols enacted by their central government.

This massive spread from just a single case is the worst-case scenario for infectious diseases and it highlights the critical need to practice social distancing at every possible point right now. With many countries fearing that the total number of infections from COVID-19 is actually much higher than reported, especially in countries like the United States where slow response and a lack of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and testing supplies may lead to thousands of unnecessary deaths.

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