F1 2021 MyTeam Guide – Basics of Sponsors, acclaim and more

How to create and edit badges in F1 2021

F1 2021  MyTeam has been beefed up this year. And with this improved mode comes more management of the minutia of running a team. You will need to manage your car selection and engine development to perform better on the track. You then need to hire and effectively market talented drivers. Then there’s making sure the money is coming by dealing with sponsors. Codemasters has also put in some changes to the Acclaim system to make managing driver stats more robust. Here’s our F1 2021 MyTeam guide to help you deal with all of that.

Before you get onto the track, you need to decide on a look. You can alter the look of your car livery, your driver suits and so much more. Another important option is what sponsors you get to pick. These will be the starting payouts you get for your team so they’re kind of important.

Picking sponsors

When you first make your team, and after you customized some stuff, you get to pick a sponsor for that initial season. Look through the goals each one has and decide which one works best for your team and drivers. Taking on a high-flying goal like a top 3 finish is probably too ambitious for a rookie team.

The options for sponsors will vary from team to team. You will often get a few options based on what team you’re running with, and many will come with a signing bonus to get you started. If you do well, the sponsor will also pay out a bonus fee. As your team gets more finishes and wins races, more sponsors can be unlocked. The team level determines what options you get. Every five levels in Team rating unlocks new options.

You can review your options via the Sponsorships tab in the Corporate screen. So once you’ve picked that starting sponsor, it’s time to monitor your drivers. That’s where the Acclaim system comes in.

The basics of Acclaim

And speaking of having to market talented drivers, you need to be able to monitor their progress. You will have two different regular drivers on your team, and they will often be the primary focus of your efforts. Most of your development and R&D will be focused on improving their performance. You also have a third reserve driver to worry about. This is often a less-skilled driver who you’re trying to develop to a better second-seat.

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The choice of drivers will hinge heavily on their stats. Here’s a basic recap of stats and what they mean in-game:

  • Individual Acclaim and Overall Rating – measure the marketing and racing talent of a driver.
  • Experience – Earns more rewards for racing well, like better R&D options.
  • Pace – Ability to control the car at speed, better acceleration.
  • Racecraft – Can affect various racing maneuvers, like overtakes.
  • Awareness – Drivers with high awareness have faster reactions to other driver’s moves.
  • Focus – Brand new in this year’s game. F1 2021 MyTeam makes it so that the morale of a driver is important. That’s what this stat reflects.

Acclaim can also help boost driver development on and off the track. Go into the Driver Perks menu via Contracts and you will see details for the driver listed there. There are several modifiers to pay attention to.

  • Social Media Team – Increases acclaim generation
  • Development Feedback – Increases resource point pools
  • Power Mapping – Reduces engine degradation
  • Media Coaching – Provides additional interview responses

Each level your driver has in these areas will improve their ability to become a better driver, as well as unlocking more gameplay options. In essence, it represents how well you can market your driver. The better a driver scores in these areas, they can also command a higher contract price. Also, it can impact the reception of interview answers. Although generally, just go with options that aren’t too cocky and you’ll be fine.

F1 2021 is available via Steam.

Other modes have also gotten more attention, and there are the usual customization options for MyTeam and similar modes. Players have tons of freedom to get things done this year, all while building their dream F1 team. On the more basic side of things, you can create and edit badges in F1 2021 to give your profile a personal touch.

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