Exploit for unlimited money in Farming Simulator 22

Farming Simulator 22

Farming Simulator 2022 is out and players from around the world have gotten started with their lives as honest farmers. But what if you just want to live life on easy street? Farming is hard work, and not everyone wants to put in the grind. Some folks just wanna goof off in a tractor or build their dream farm right off the bat. Trouble is, you don’t have much money to start. There are ways to fix this. Sure, you could take on contracts and work your way to millions, but where’s the fun in that?

You can also do plenty of animal husbandry with animals like pigs and chickens. The number of crops you can grow is huge. But you also have to worry about cultivating fields and fertilizing them. There’s also the added worry of having the right equipment. It’s a lot of work, so Farming Simulator 22 trees tend to be easier to manage. But if you don’t want to do all that work for cash, you have a much faster option. You can actually get unlimited money in Farming Simulator 22 pretty easily.

The File Editing Method

You need to start by opening up the game’s save data directory. In Windows, it’s found here:

C:\Users\*User Name*\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2022

You need to find your Savegame files, which will be titled as such. It helps if you only have one active save while doing this, so you can tell which file is the right one much easier. At the top of the file, look for the word “money” (or do a text search). The line will look something like this:

<farm farmId=”1″ name=”My farm” color=”1″ loan=”0.000000″ money=”996405.125000″ loanAnnualInterestRate=”200.000000″>

Then, you can just change the number after money= to whatever you want. This will then change your in-game balance to that amount. You could also change the interest amount to a lower number to reduce the payments on your active loans, if you don’t want to cheat so hard.

Console Commands are another option you have within this realm of possibility. You once again want to head into the game’s settings folder, which is:

C:\Users\*User Name*\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2022

Inside, look for a file named game.xml, which will contain all of your various game settings. Look for the following line:


Change false to true, and development console commands will be active in your game. Now, just save the file. But wait, there’s one more thing you need to do. Since the game runs on Steam, you need to set Launch Options to enable the feature.

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Go into Steam’s Library and then right-click the game. Choose Properties, then General. Under Launch Options, look for the launch options text box. Put the following into the box, then save.


You then just need to press ~ in-game to bring up the console commands window. Enter a code like this to give yourself $100,000. You can change the amount to give yourself more cash, up to a max of $999.999.999.

gsMoneyAdd 100000

The Farm Dupe Method

The second method to make unlimited money in Farming Sim 22, is to use the Farm Management feature in-game. Open up the main menu and click the Farms icon, it’s the one that looks like a barn. This is the menu where you can choose what farm to play on, using your save games. By clicking Create a New Farm on this screen, you’re prompted to make a new farm. The trick is, when a farm is created it gets $1,500,000 in cold hard cash to start. After you’re done, save the game and head back over to the singleplayer game and load the game you just created. You can create a total of 8 farms, giving you an easy source for millions of dollars.

You can then use your current farm to join that newly made farm. By going to the Farm Management screen on the main menu, you can then use the transfer screen to transfer money between players. But there’s a useful glitch. When you’re running a multiplayer game and a new singleplayer game on the same account, the two wil fuse together. When playing in that newly created singleplayer map, you should get a prompt telling you about how your farms from the multiplayer game have merged into the singleplayer game.

This will then allow you to transfer money from one farm to the other. So just keep creating and deleting farms after you use the Farm Management tab to transfer money, and you’re golden.

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