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Exercise your imagination in Little Town Hero

Little Town Hero Combat Overview

Game Freak has been hard at work on their new little RPG, Little Town Hero. The story sets up The hero Axe as a bit of a mystery. His imagination runs wild, and not in a very standard way. The colorful world of Little Town Hero is racked by monsters of all kinds, and there’s only one weapon that the denizens of the world have to fight them. Axe possesses the ability to give his ideas the power to fight back against the various beasts of the land, in what feels like a fusion between Scribblenauts and Pokemon. And with the newest snippet of gameplay footage, fans are getting a glimpse at the combat too.

These newly formed ideas form as “Izzits” and must then be upgraded to “Dazzits” before they can be used in combat. This careful consideration of which ideas to make potent for battle adds a new layer to the game beyond just the imaginary element. Spending points on these minions can augment their attacks, defensive moves, and unique moves by buffing their attack and defense points. The combat itself is fairly basic on the surface. The main hero, Axe, compares the stats of their minion to the that of their target, with the higher winning that combat round. These points come from Power — a limited mystical resource that is available once per turn — and you have to manage this resource carefully and make decisions about how to approach combat.

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Moving around the battle map between these rounds allows the player to reposition, attacking their foes from a new angle. It’s all a very interesting twist on the typical RPG combat system, and I have to wonder what else is involved with this game.

Check it out in the trailer down below. The game is due to land on the Switch eShop October 16th.

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