Everything you need to know about Cabal Gold in Destiny 2

Guide to Cabal Gold in Destiny 2

The Cabal Empire has returned in Destiny 2. Well, not totally, but some recognizable faces are back in the game with Season of the Chosen. The new season of content in the game has added a bunch of new missions and mechanics to deal with.  We’ve been dealing with Cabal artifacts for some time in this game, and there’s something new on the horizon this week.

Zavala has returned to discuss just what the heck is going on with the Guardians. The special forces of H.E.L.M have begun to fight back against the Cabal, and they need your help. So here’s what we know about Season of the Chosen and the new Cabal content being added to the game. The Hub for Emergency Logistics and Maneuvers — H.E.L.M. for short — is the new hub for the content this season. You can use the Director and go to the Tower to check in with them when you wish.

The headline activity in Season of the Chosen is the new Battlegrounds game mode: which is a PvE activity where the Guardians do battle against Empress Caiatl of the Cabal. During this activity, you need to earn Cabal Gold for various reasons. But first, you have to unlock the Hammer of Proving.

The Hammer of Proving is the mechanism by which you track your progress this season. Each Battleground you compete in will contribute to unlocking certain rewards within. The first two Battlegrounds are already in the game. And you can earn various rewards by competing in them.

The Behemoth and Hailstone Battlegrounds will be available from the season’s launch on February 9th. Bungie is likely to add other maps and playlists to the mode over time. Expect to see more tracks in the Hammer of Proving at that point. A third EDZ-based Battleground called Cleansing will open on Feb. 16. ANd the final Oracle Battleground will open up on February 23.

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How to earn Cabal Gold

Cabal Gold is the new core mechanic of Season of the Chosen’s and you can earn it via both the Battlegrounds and other activities. That means you can get it from completing Crucible, Strikes, Gambit, dungeons, Nightmare hunts, or doing the Blind Well. It’s a pretty core activity, and Cabal Gold is a pretty common reward. It works somewhat similarly to the Cryptographic Lure.

How much Cabal Gold can you earn?

  • Mayhem in PVP – 8 Gold
  • Heroic Public Events – 8 Gold
  • Strikes – 14 Gold

Just keep farming Strikes if you really want to speed up getting Cabal Gold. You can check your progress via the Quests menu under Challenger’s Proving.

Each week within Season of the Chosen, Bungie is also adding seasonal challenges. Players can complete these to earn XP in the rewards tracks, as well as special items. You can find out all the challenges laid out below.

Season of the Chosen – All Seasonal Challenges

What do you do with Cabal Gold in Destiny 2?

The primary means of spending Cabal Gold in Destiny 2 appears to be to advance the storyline. You can use it to issue a challenge, creating a special mission to attack Caiatl’s forces head-on. Once you get a certain amount of Gold and activate it via the Hammer, you can get a challenge going. Completing these quests will in turn unlock more difficult missions. You can then complete more and more Challenges to earn Proving Runes. Proving Runes can be turned in for various cosmetic and gear rewards.

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