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Everything to know about companions in Final Fantasy XIV

How to complete A Fisherman’s Friend in Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker is almost here. The new expansion drops in a few days, adding two new job classes, a ton of new quests, and so much more. The two new jobs added in the expansion, Reaper and Sage, are hotly anticipated. Players are getting a rework of a ton of endgame content, and they’re excited to hunt for new gear.

The new level cap has a lot in store for returning players. New players will have to finish the previous expansion first before they get access to Endwalker. it will be a bit of a slog, but it’s worth it in the end. If you’re brand new to the game, or coming back from a long break, check out the Hall of the Novice. The Hall of the Novice can be found in Western La Noscea at (x28,y24). This location will help acclimate you to new group-based combat through various challenges.

Along the way in Endwalker, you will encounter various group quests. A feature added to Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker expansion is the ability to bring AI companions along with you. They will assist you in various quests, and can be dismissed at any time. Each of these companions, called Scions, is unique. Depending on your progress through the MSQ, the game will give you various tasks. Often, you will need to recruit various scions to help with this.

How to dismiss or change companions in Final Fantasy XIV

When you speak with a companion that has that blue mark over them, they can join you for a quest. You can change companions at any time. You’ll need first to dismiss your current companion with you. You can talk to them and ask them to leave.  You can talk with them by right-clicking on the companion and choosing the option to “Part Ways” as that’s usually the fastest. If you fast travel or otherwise leave the zone you’re in with them, they will also be automatically dismissed.

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You can also reform your party by heading to a specific NPC and talking with them. There are many different companions in the game, and some quests even require you to use certain ones. . For example, in the Old Sharlayana, New to You quest, you need to take Krile and G’raha Tia for a bit of walk about town. If in the above example, you want to regroup with Krile and G’raha Tia, just head over and talk to them.

For any quest that doesn’t have an NPC it needs in your party, the game will place down a marker to help you find them. Look for the blue quest marker above their heads if you’re having trouble.

You’ll be able to do this for any party you need to reform in Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker Main Scenario, so get out there and adventure.

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