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EVE Online’s spin-off FPS coming in 2018


Project Nova is on track for a much earlier release than we originally thought. For those that don’t remember, Project Nova is the second attempt by EVE Online developer CCP to make an FPS set in the EVE universe. There’s a catch though, Nova won’t be connected to EVE at all, at least at first. Instead of shoehorning in integration between Nova and EVE, CCP want to make sure that Project Nova is a great standalone game first and foremost. Sounds like a solid plan to me.

With CCP laying off 100 people last year as it terminated VR development, the future of Project Nova seemed up in the air. But during the opening ceremony of Fanfest 2018 in Iceland, CCP Games CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson announced that Project Nova is not only still in active development, it will be unveiled and “playable” in some form on PC later in 2018.

Speaking about how EVE and Nova will eventually integrate, Hilmar had this to say:

“It’s still the dream, and it’s still our vision,” he added. “And we want to build that with you, but we want to build that on a foundation where the game stands on its own and then we’ll find a way to connect these experiences together.”

CCP isn’t making a public release date known just yet, but we could see something in a couple weeks as the developer typically releases more specifics from announcements at Fanfest after the event wraps up.

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There’s a signup sheet on Project Nova’s official website if you fancy keeping tabs on developments.

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