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EVE Online’s Abyssal Proving Grounds Are Live Until 28 July

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Abyssal Proving Grounds are a special arena that was normally in EVE Online as part of the Abyssal Deadspace content. CCP has now changed that for a time. Players will now be able to jump right into the PvP content.

This new event will run from now until July 28 — and will let players hop into the PvP arena directly — with filaments being specially created by the game to allow this. Players who use a filament will show up in a special closed-off arena that they can battle in.

The new version of the event has a 2v2 bent to it that makes this much more fun for those small roaming gangs who want to have fun blowing stuff up. The game will bring in plenty of players to blast each other to bits. The setup allows for any Tech 1 Cruiser into the Proving Ground. The permitted hulls are the Omen, Caracal, Thorax, Stabber, Maller, Moa, Vexor, Rupture, Arbitrator, Blackbird, Celestis and Bellicose.

Player reaction to the announcement and the new PvP event has been pretty positive. And with CCP handing out extra Proving Filaments to get people into the event, there’s going to be a lot of dead ships going around.

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