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EVE Online – The Crimson Harvest Returns!

EVE Online Crimson Harvest

CCP has launched the latest event in EVE Online. The Blood Raiders are back with the Crimson Harvest event for Halloween 2018. In this event, players need to hunt down special Blood Raider faction sites throughout New Eden and do battle with these psychotic space pirates, all for that sweet loot.

In terms of rewards, players can earn new SKINs for their ships, like the Deathglow Hunters SKIN for the Astero, Gila, Machariel and Avatar hulls. There’s also the unique Cerebral Accelerators which make a return as a primary objective this year. Capsuleers and Blood Raiders are set to do epic battle over excellent resources and rewards in PvE missions. Things are sure to get bloody throughout the month of October in New Eden.

Access the Crimson Harvest objectives via The Agency in the Neocom menu in game. The Agency panel will show nearby sites linked to the event. Complete the PvE objectives in these sites to progress during the event. The more objectives you complete, the more points you earn, along the way you’ll hit a variety of milestones. There are five milestones in all, four for each SKIN and one for a free Cerebral Accelerator. I must say, the orange and black theme of the SKINs is really fitting for the season, and looks quite nice.

The Crimson Harvest event is live now in EVE Online, and will run for the next two weeks. Back when this event first launched, CCP unleashed a great in-lore trailer for the event, you can check that out below.

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