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Epic Games Store update brings new storefront, wishlisting coming

Epic Games Store

A new update has landed from Fortnite maker Epic, and it’s not for their flagship title. This patch actually is for their new storefront, the aptly name Epic Games Store. The storefront that has slowly been gaining steam against its primary competition since launching a while back, and even though it has had its fair share of issues, Epic has been working on improving the whole thing, although they have definitely his some speedbumps.

Of course it hasn’t been very easy. The primary strategies that Epic has used to build a userbase have managed to anger that outspoken segment of the games industry that hates exclusivity deals. Epic has secured a great many timed exclusives from both AAA and indie studios, with the likes of Metro Exodus and Borderlands 3 leading the effort as headline titles. The recently launched The Outer Worlds is also in this boat. Epic defends the practice by offering a batter revenue split and sometimes direct financial support of some kind to developers. arguing that gamers get a better end product. Merits of such an idea aside, gamers are still angry over other things too. The lack of basic features like wishlists and shopping carts is a common complaint as well. Epic is now addressing some of these problems with this update.

Here’s What’s in the new Epic Game Store Update

The newest patch to the burgeoning Steam competitor brings some new design elements, first and foremost. It’s easier to see which games are trending on it, with top billing for new and big AAA releases, like the Obsidian RPG The Outer Worlds. Epic has also revamped backend elements and the layout of different sections, making finding new and interesting games “faster and easier than before.” Other improvements concern lesser-known elements, like 3D Secure finally being put in for European users, which helps satisfy EU regulations concerning user data and other such stuff. Notable elements are still left lacking though, and gamers continue to want them. Epic is doing something about that though.

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A future planned series of updates to the codebase will bring features Epic describes as a “development in progress.” One such feature is a planned integration with OpenCritic to integrate Critic scores from the curated reviews platform directly into Epic’s product catalogue. This should help Epic give their games a clearer and more controlled picture of game quality compared to the oft-manipulated Steam User Review system. Another much-needed addition is wishlist support. According to Epic, users will “be able to wishlist any offer on the store” and “be notified of sales and promotions for that offer.”

So all in all, it seems like a very solid update. And if you’re interested, go take a look. While you’re there, grab some free games like SOMA and Costume Quest.

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