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Epic Games Store Mega Sale launched, offers $10 discount on many games

Epic Games

So if you’re looking to make a big jump over to the Epic Games Store, Epic is now offering an easier path. And certainly, now is the time to grab some Epic games if you want to take it easy on your wallet as well. That’s because the company has announced that they’re offering a mega sale on many of the games on the platform, offering a $10 discount for every game above $14.99.

That’s not all either, as the gaming company is also offering a $10 refund credit to any gamers who purchased an unreleased title prior to May 16th, 2019 for $14.99 or higher. Furthermore, any games purchased between May 2nd, 2019 and May 15th, 2019 will be illegible for up to a $10 credit if the price during the Epic Mega Sale is different than the price you paid. in terms of discounts, some games will see a price reduction of up to 75% thanks to this $10 discount, which is pretty awesome. Basically it’s all one big goodwill event where Epic is handing out free money and cheap games.

Keep in mind, it may take some time to receive this owed credit, Epic wants to remind gamers that the refund will show up on the payment method you used to buy the game originally, within 7-14 days.

So whatever your opinion on Epic, this probably won’t change your mind all that much. It’s no real secret at this point that many gamers love to hate on Epic for a couple of reasons. Whether it’s the Fortnite craze that has turned you against the massive corporation and their monetization habits, or if it’s the dump trucks of money used to buy timed exclusives on the Epic storefront, you’re entitled to dislike Epic. But you have to admit, the chance to grab a great new game like Borderlands 3 for $10 cheaper is pretty appealing to a budget-conscious gamer.

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Check out the Epic Mega Sale now, and see if there are any games you might want to snatch up.


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