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Employee allegedly steals $40,000 worth of assets from Valve

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Valve is a pretty well-known company, having created the biggest PC game distribution service ever seen. And even though their reputation is less-then-sterling over recent controversies, like a lack of moderation and control on Steam, the company has had things pretty easy so far. Well this month marks a new point for the gaming titan, as they’re embroiled in a new legal battle.

A news report from KIRO 7 (as reported by GamesIndustry International) confirms the story, highlighting that a man is being held in custody and awaiting a court date over the theft of more than $40,000 in equipment and games from the company. Allegedly he broke in the Valve HQ in Lincoln Square’s south tower in Bellevue and stole more than $40,000 worth of equipment and games. According to the details released so far, the case has been developing since September when 32-year old Shawn Shaputis was arrested over said theft.

Exactly how the man managed to gain access to the offices which he burglarized is not known, but some details have been revealed. Apparently it was as simple as sneaking into a back stairwell, going up to Valve offices, and using a recycling bin, simply walking stolen goods to his car. This is a pretty serious physical security failure for the whole building, and you can bet Valve is reviewing their physical security policies. Shaputis was caught later, but investigators confirmed he had committed the crime when surveillance footage showed that the stolen games were sold to a local GameStop for cash. The story gets even stranger though, as it turns out that Shaputis has quite the intriguing criminal history.

The man was apparently wanted for multiple crimes, with a total of six warrants out for his arrest at the time he was caught in September. The most recent major crime occurred back in July 2018 when the thief attempted to go on a joy ride in a stolen FedEx delivery truck. If he manages to miss his court date, that will mark the seventh warrant issues against the man.

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